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Chapter 878

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The Blood Tribe

Ms. Cat looked up at the huge villa!

In fact, this place was more appropriate to call a castle than a villa.

The cities and towns on the satellite were relatively sparse in architecture.

Ms. Cat stroked Amber and walked into the gate.

Soon, the person guarding the door saw Ms. Cat walk in. He was stunned and then shouted, ‘Is it

Ms. Cat nodded slightly and said, “Yes, I am back!”

The servant ran in and shouted as he ran, “Madam is back! Madam is back!”

Ms. Cat furrowed her brows and walked into the villa. She muttered, “I hope that at the end of the
year… I can leave smoothly!”

Gerald was naturally completely unaware of all of this. At this time, he was in the aircraft, looking down
at the blue planet that was getting closer and closer. Gerald was a bit dazed!

He felt that this planet was too similar to Earth.

This satellite also consisted mainly of the sea, but the size was much smaller than Earth.

“The place we are going to later is called Mullen City. Other than our branch of the Pierce family, there
is also a branch of the Blood Tribe and many other families. Of course, there are also many ordinary
people,” Anabel said.

“Ordinary people?” Gerald asked, “Aren’t people on this satellite all reaching a certain level of

Anabel shook her head and said, “We also need to live on this satellite. We need food, so these
ordinary people work on it. However… Their identities are mostly slaves. They rely on various forces to


Gerald frowned slightly and then fell silent.

“You seem to be disgusted with this word?” Anabel asked.

Gerald did not answer her.

Anabel tilted her head to look at Gerald and said, “You don’t look like someone from the Havotune
Galaxy, but it’s normal. In the Havotune Galaxy, people from other places often come over. If you don’t
want to talk about it, I won’t ask.

“We’re almost there!” Anabel smiled.

At this time, the aircraft continued to descend. A sense of weightlessness began to spread. They had
entered Azuro.

A few minutes later, the outline of the city slowly appeared in the eyes of Gerald and the others.

The aircraft went straight to the station. Soon, the aircraft stopped!

“Let’s go!” When the aircraft stopped, Anabel walked down. Gerald and the other two nodded and
looked at each other. They saw a trace of caution in each other’s eyes!

They did not speak. They pushed the suitcase, and followed behind Anabel, walking outside!

People were coming and going in the aircraft station. However, the people here were not like those on
the Havotune. When they saw Anabel, they would not salute. Most of them just avoided her.

The people living on this satellite seemed to be on the same level. At most, there were only slaves and

Just like the upper-class people and lower-class people on the main planet of Havotune, in this place,
the status of slaves seemed to be lower than the lower-class people.

After passing through the hall, they walked out of the station.


At this time, a fat figure hurriedly ran over and said, “You finally came back!”

However, Anabel’s eyes went around the fat man. She looked at the man behind him and frowned.

Gerald also noticed the man. He was wearing loose clothes. His clothes were completely red and there
was a symbol on his chest that looked like a skeleton!

At this time, Gerald was completely different from when he first came to Havotune. In the past few
days, he had inquired a lot about the satellite and the Eight Forces.

For example, the Archaic Tribe was mainly based on the Pierce family. However, it was not all. Each of

Eight Forces was a combination. It was complicated.

As one of the Eight Forces, the Blood Tribe had many branches.

The person in front of them was extremely tall. He had an aquiline nose and looked very handsome.
His skin was extremely pale and looked exotic.

Anabel’s voice rang in Gerald’s ears. “He is a branch of the Blood Tribe in Mullen City. His name is
Seth Mion!

Don’t have too many interactions with him. He is a petty person who seeks revenge for the smallest

Gerald naturally would not have any interaction with them. He stood behind Anabel and only sized him
up, not saying anything!

At this time, Seth walked up. He looked at Anabel and said, “Anabel, we haven’t seen each other for
more than a year. I miss you very much!”

“I don’t need you to miss me!” Anabel said faintly. Then she looked at the fat man and said, “Why did
you bring him here? Didn’t I tell you not to come and pick me up?”

The fat man laughed and said, “I was going to go with Seth to watch the fight today. I suddenly
remembered that you should come back today, so I came here to pick you up.”

As he spoke, he glanced at Valery and Carolyn behind Anabel. His lustful eyes flashed as he said,
“Anabel, did you especially bring them back for me? Why are they still wearing masks?”

When Gerald heard this, he was extremely displeased.

Anabel hurriedly said, “Orion, mind your words. They are all my friends!”

“Oh!” Orion Pierce mumbled.

At this time, Seth walked over and said, “Anabel, there is still a week to the trial. We all have one place.
I have from already found two companions, both of whom are from the Blood Tribe. One of them is only
a step away the level of Flame Decay. I have specially reserved a place for you. You can join us at that

“Didn’t I say that I will find someone to participate myself?” Anabel frowned. “I don’t want that place.
Also, Seth, don’t pester me. I said that it is impossible for me to be with you.”

‘Find someone to participate by yourself?” Seth curled his lips and said, “Anabel, I know that you want
the higher-ups of the Archaic Tribe to notice you. However, it is very difficult to find experts below thirty.
Our group is all at the level of peak Half-Step Flame Decay. We probably enter…”

Speaking of this, Seth seemed to have thought of something. He looked at Gerald and the other two
and said with a faint smile, “You said your team. Do you mean… these three people?”

Anabel said indifferently, “That’s right. What’s wrong?”

“You brought them here from the main planet of Havotune?” Seth said disdainfully, “Half-Step Flame
Decayers? Do you want to bring three Half-Step Flame Decayers to attend the trial? Do you think you
can enter the top ten with them?”

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