Novel Name : Slumdog Billionaire Husband

Chapter 880

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Seth Comes

When Gerald heard these discussions, he frowned slightly.

Thinking back to what Anabel had said before, if they wanted to go out, Anabel had to bring people
over to pick them up. Did this mean that they could not leave the farm casually?

The woman had a warm smile on her face as she continuously introduced everything to Gerald and
never stopped

It seemed like she really wanted to leave a good impression on Gerald as the others said and build a
good relationship with him.

Gerald did not point it out. Walking out of the fruit garden, the woman pointed to the front and said, “In
front is the place where some vegetables are planted. And behind it is the stable… If you want to ride a
horse, you can go to the back to take a look.”

Gerald looked at the woman and asked, “By the way, can you not leave this farm?”

The woman was stunned for a moment. Then she smiled bitterly and nodded. “We are all slaves. For
slaves, we are not allowed to leave the place where slaves are born, except for special permission. If I
want to leave the farm to do something, I have to get permission from the young lady. Otherwise, if I go
to other places without permission, I will be treated as a slave who escaped and may be directly

Gerald was stunned!

He never expected this place to be so harsh.

Slaves simply had no human rights. The people of this farm could only stay in this place for the rest of
their lives

Gerald frowned. Such a high-tech society, but the development of civilization was so backward, which
made him feel a little sad.

“Do you want your son to leave here?” Gerald asked.

The woman’s face changed. She quietly glanced at Gerald and then nodded. “I… have been living here
for my entire life. Even though I’m so close to the city, I have never been there in my entire life. I also
did not expect my child to be able to get rid of his slave status. However… I still hope that if there is a
chance, he can get rid of his slave status and leave the farm forever. I hope that someone can take him
to the city to see the world outside.”

Was this a big wish? No, it was not!

However, in the eyes of the woman, it was indeed a big wish that could hardly come true in her life.

For some reason, a trace of sympathy rose in Gerald’s heart. He turned to look at the woman and said,
“Yes, I know.”

He did not agree to offer help, nor did he refuse.

He could not change too many things in this world at this time. What he could do now was to save the

Seeing that Gerald only said this, the woman looked disappointed. Then, she began to try her best to
continue to introduce the farm to Gerald. No matter what, it was good to leave a good impression on
Gerald first. What if Gerald suddenly changed his mind and helped to get her son out of the farm in the

It had to be said that Anabel’s farm was quite large and covered a large area.

Just as they were still browsing. Gerald’s phone suddenly rang. It was a call from Valery.

Gerald quickly picked up the phone and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Come back quickly. Something happened. Seth has come to us.” Valery frowned.

Gerald’s face changed. He did not expect that he would still get himself into a spot of bother here.

“I will come back immediately!” He quickly nodded and then turned to the woman saying, “Let’s go
back. There seems to be some trouble.”

The woman was stunned for a moment and then quickly said, “Okay!”

They ran back in a hurry. Just as they arrived at the door, Gerald frowned slightly.

At the entrance of the manor, Seth was leading several people to block the entrance, shouting
something loudly. Inside the manor, the others were all submissive and did not dare to speak.

Most of the people in the manor were slaves. For them, they didn’t dare to provoke the people from the
Blood Tribe.

At the door, a fat man was standing at the door and speaking loudly.

“Seth, you really can’t go in. You know my sister. If you go in right now and provoke her, you really
won’t have” a chance to get her heart at all,” Orion said.

Seth, however, said indifferently, “Get out of the way. I’m doing this for your sister’s sake. She doesn’t
stand a chance of winning if she brings three Half-Step Flame Decayers to the trial, but if I kill those
three Half-Step

Flame Decayers, your sister will go to the trial with us. Then, her chance of winning will go up.”

“No, I can’t let you in!” Orion gritted his teeth and said.

“Orion, do you also want to be beaten by me?” Seth seemed to be a little impatient.

The Vital Energy in his body surged and directly pushed Orion to the other side. Then, Seth walked
directly into the manor.

At the door of the room, Valery and Carolyn were standing there. Gerald also came over and asked,
“What’s going on now?”

“I’m not sure.” Carolyn frowned. “Just now, we were watching a TV show upstairs. When we heard that
it was a little noisy downstairs, we came over. We just contacted Anabel, but… she is with the family
now. It seems that she can’t come back for the time being, but she has already sent someone over.”

While they were talking, Seth had already walked into the room. He looked at Gerald and the other two
disdainfully and then sneered, “Why are you still wearing masks? Are you all too ashamed to see

Gerald naturally wouldn’t set up an enemy for himself for no reason. Besides, Seth was from the Blood
Tribe, one of the Eight Forces.

He bowed slightly and said, “This is our habit. I hope you can forgive us.”

He still had to be polite when it was necessary.

However, Seth did not fall for his trick. He looked at Gerald indifferently and said, “I’ll give you a choice.
Get back to Havotune now. You may all be geniuses in Havotune, who have become Half-Step Flame

Decayers under the age of thirty, but you all are nothing to us here. You don’t deserve to go to the trial
with Anabel!”

“About this, we were hired by Ms. Pierce. If she doesn’t agree, we can’t leave!” Gerald shook his head
and said,

“So I’m sorry.”

“Don’t tell me that you don’t understand my meaning?” Seth’s face suddenly turned cold as he said, “I
told you to get lost. Can you understand now?” Gerald frowned!

If not for the sake of keeping a low profile and he was in the world he was from, he would have already
slapped Seth for his offense.

He had given him enough respect, but this son of bitch just did not let him go.

At this time, Orion came over and looked at Seth. “Seth, I have always treated you as my friend, but
you’ve gone too far. My sister has her reasons for asking them to participate in the trial with her! It is
not up to you to decide whom my sister wants to participate in the trial with!”

Seth was stunned. He seemed to have not expected Orion to speak to him in such a tone.

His face was gloomy. Then he stared at Gerald and said, “Just wait. When the trial begins, I will kill

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