Novel Name : Slumdog Billionaire Husband

Chapter 909

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband by Rayden Berg

Chapter 909 Sneaky Skyler

The melodious tune of the flute seemed to sound like an ancient whisper, which forced the supreme-
level Flame Decayers to look serious.

Brigid smiled, and the sound of the flute continued!

As she played, she leaped and landed on a nearby rock.

The sea seemed to be affected by her, and the waves kept on hitting the reef. The wind was rising!

The wind rustled her cloak, and her long white hair fluttered in the wind.

Several middle-aged men were stunned when they saw the scene.

A low and melodious tune resounded through the entire island. On the island, the sleeping beasts.
seemed to have been awakened; one by one, they began to wake up and then converged in a certain
direction toward the island.

After the song had ended, Brigid couldn’t help but open her arms and close her eyes. She looked at the

If one paid attention, they would find that there was a pious look on her face.

The others seemed to have been immersed in the wonderful sound of the flute and didn’t care much
about anything else. After a moment, Dewey took the initiative to applaud and say, “As expected of

Matt licked his lips and looked at Brigid. This time, he didn’t say anything.

Brigid looked into the depths of the jungle with a smile on her face.

Inside the first checkpoint, four figures were sitting in the forest. One of them was Gerald, who had
been hanging there for a long time.

At that time, a small team was approaching in their direction.

After seeing the team, the four people quickly gathered around.

Gerald’s eyes lit up as he said, “I’ve taken the bait!”

“It’s you guys?” One of them said with a smirk on his face, “We got four points!”

With that, they quickly dispersed. A man looked at Anabel and said, “Anabel, give us the card quickly
and then we’ll let you go!”

Their eyes were filled with excitement.

Gerald had seen that look several times in the past few days.

A few minutes later, the four of them looked bitterly at Gerald and Anabel.

The man who had provoked her earlier said with a bitter smile, “Anabel, how did you play dirty?! can’t
believe you secretly had two Flame Decayers!”

Anabel smiled faintly and said, “You can leave now.”

She put away the card in satisfaction.

After seeing them leave, Carolyn asked, “Will they just leave?”

“I don’t think so. There are many places to discover in this Nether Domain, and there are many Divine
Weapons. Most people will stay here for a month even if they are eliminated. In fact, you have also felt
that this area is more suitable for cultivation than outside,” Anabel said.

“Don’t worry so much. Let’s change our spot and continue squatting,” Gerald said with a chuckle.

Four hours later, Gerald had slowly moved to the west. They were still sitting in a conspicuous spot as
if they were afraid that no one else would notice them.

Their seats were higher, and Anabel sat alone on a conspicuous stone. Gerald was waiting for the fish
to take the bait below.

“Team, go straight to fishing for law enforcement. We’ve already got six cards with twenty-four points. If
we take another six, we’ll probably be in the top ten,” Anabel said.

At that time, Carolyn suddenly asked, “Since the top ten are all entering Corona Pool, then the benefits
of being ranked first are a little more? For the sake of reputation, some rewards will be given.”

“There’s more than that!” Anabel said, “Do you know why the Archaic Tribe is willing to give a Divine

Weapon in the first place?”

Gerald and the rest shook their heads.

“As long as one ranked first, they could enter the first level of cultivation in Corona Pool. The effect of
that place is the best. Although it’s only for three days, almost half of the cultivators at the level of
Flame Decay would become supreme Flame Decayers.” Anabel said with a hint of excitement in her
eyes, “Before the age of thirty, the supreme Flame Decayer will be placed in the Eight Forces.

They will also be very dazzling in the future and will be the mainstay of the entire force!”

After that, she looked at Gerald and said, “If I win first place, not only will I be promoted through five
ranks in a row, but I will also get the resource preference of the entire Archaic Tribe. The Pierce family
in Mullen City will be directly included in the direct line, which is very important.” She glanced at Gerald
and the others and proclaimed, “I really didn’t think about this before, but… Now,

I feel like I can have this dream.”

Yes, Gerald and Carolyn were too strong. They were no less than other teams.

And unlike those teams, the others would choose to flee when facing the former.

However, whenever they saw Gerald, they would rush up to grab their points.

Therefore, it was much easier for them to obtain points compared to the other teams.

Suddenly, Carolyn spoke. “Look over there!”

Standing at a high place, they could roughly see the scene inside the jungle. At that time, there were
four figures not far away. They were carefully moving forward, and they would look around every time
they walked.

“Skyler?” Gerald’s expression changed slightly.

Because Anabel’s position was very conspicuous, Skyler also saw them, and his expression was that
of slight surprise.

Then, he quickly began to run in one direction with his men.

“These people… actually came in?” Gerald’s expression changed slightly.

“I just saw them sneaking around with a drawing in their hand as if they were looking at something,”
Carolyn said.

Gerald touched his chin and said in a deep voice, “Anabel, do you know how to control your aura?”

Anabel frowned and said, “No! There’s such a thing inside the Archaic Tribe, but I didn’t learn it.”

Gerald was at a loss for words. He realized that the Eight Forces were eager to show their strength so
that others would submit to them.

Gerald looked at her and said, “Help her, Carolyn.”

Carolyn nodded. She held Anabel’s hand and quickly restrained her aura. Even the aura in Anabel’s
body was then completely restrained. At that time, they looked like ordinary people.

Gerald and Carolyn did the same as well.

“W-What do you want?” Anabel asked in confusion.

“Skyler is sneaky. He might have a purpose, so I’m going to follow him and have a look,” Gerald said
with a smile.


“Huh?” Anabel proposed dumbly, “I think we should continue to fish and get more points.

Gerald shook his head and said, “With Skyler’s personality, he will definitely come over to greet us
when he sees us. But he didn’t. Instead, he snuck away as if he didn’t want us to find out. Let’s go and
have a look. Maybe he found something!”

Anabel frowned. For her, the more points, the better.

“Don’t worry. We can compete with the other teams at the back. If we play together, we can get several
cards,” Gerald assured.

Upon hearing Gerald’s words, Anabel could only nod in agreement.

Gerald licked his lips and quickly followed behind.

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