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Chapter 897

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband by Rayden Berg

Chapter 897 New Rules

Gerald was dumbfounded. He did not expect that before the trial began, the established rules could be
temporarily modified.

“Did it change like this in the past?” Gerald asked with doubt.

Next to him, Skyler said seriously, “It also happened in the past. In fact, the trial has always
emphasized one point, and that is the survival of the fittest. The stronger young men would be chosen
to enter the Corona Pool. I was quite happy as the previous rules did have some randomness, but
now… after they changed the rules, our team has great disadvantages.”

Gerald nodded.

Under the new rules, the points-based system was adopted, and the eight checkpoints were kept. As
for the eight checkpoints, eight circles were drawn with the altar at the center. In the specified time, one
must enter the circle before the trial can continue. The card given to the captain will record the time
they used to enter the eight circles.

In addition, the first to arrive at the altar would get twenty points, the second fifteen points, the third
twelve points, the fourth to sixth ten points, and the seventh to eleventh eight points.

One could also get points by killing.

After obtaining a captain card, one would gain four points.

The trial of the person whose card was seized would end.

On this island, one could capture and kill each other. There was no doubt that after the new rules were
issued, the randomness became less. Most of the people who could finally break into the top

ten were powerful.

And Skyler’s team would become everyone’s favorite. They were weak, and others could easily

gain points by killing them.

Most importantly, they were under great pressure to get points. If it was four against four, they were
really no match for others.

Skyler looked at Anabel and said, “Ms. Pierce, even under such rules, don’t you consider joining


Anabel shook her head and said, “Let’s rely on our own.”

Skyler sighed.

Many people at the scene looked serious. Of course, some of them looked very excited at this

time, such as the hopefuls of the major forces.

These teams were quite powerful. At this time, Kristian, Sheryl, and the others all looked excited.

Anabel was neither sad nor happy. Her expression seemed not to change.

Only Sylvie looked at Gerald strangely when the rules were announced.

In fact, Gerald did not understand what Sylvie was thinking.

In the car, she greeted Gerald. When Seth came to find trouble with Gerald, Sylvie offered to help
Gerald. He did not know why Sylvie did that.

Gerald wondered if she had taken a fancy to him.

He did not feel much about the new rules, except for the cruelty of this world. He even felt that under
such rules, it might be more suitable for them.

Skyler was still bitterly laughing. “We’re a team without Flame Decayers, so we can only hide and try to
reach the altar as soon as possible. Then we can get some points and see if we can get into

the top ten.”

One Flame Decayer was enough to resist four peak Half-Step Flame Decayers. In the face of a team
with Flame Decayers, they would not have any chance.

Of course, there were not many teams with Flame Decayers.

After all, they were under the age of thirty. For example, among the Four Ancient Families, apart from
Kristian’s team that had two Flame Decayers, among the other teams, only Kameron was at this level,
while the others were mostly at the level of peak Half-Step Flame Decay.

To obtain better results, most of the Flame Decayers would enter the same team under the lead of

their forces.

For example, although there were many participants from Infinito, other than Sheryl’s team, there was
only one team with Flame Decayers.

“Kameron is so proud.” Carolyn looked at Kameron with interest, who was not far away.

Skyler chuckled. “Of course, he is proud. At the beginning of this trial, the Archaic Tribe wanted him,
Kristian, and Sylvie to form a team of three people with Flame Decayers. However, he


Gerald asked, “Why?”

“Because that team would be led by Kristian.” Skyler said, “He does not feel that his strength is

inferior to Kristian’s, so he refused.”

Gerald looked at Kameron with interest and thought he was indeed strong.

After a short disturbance, Dewey said, “Silence! Now, everyone comes over and draws the coordinates
to enter Nether Domain.”

The so-called coordinates were the locations on the edge of the entire island. In a certain period, they
had to rush to their respective coordinates. This card had a locator on it, which could be seen by the
supreme Flame Decayers of the Eight Forces on the instruments outside.

If one team failed to reach the selected coordinates within the specified time, they would be considered

The captains all went to draw, and soon, Anabel also drew a small card.

Anabel looked at it and roughly knew the location, but she did not open the card.

Most of the people also quietly hid it, not letting others know where they would enter.

Of course, there were also some crazy people, such as the Aggro Tribe. At this time, Matt chuckled
and said, “I’ll enter the crater pit in the southeast of Nether Domain. Welcome to snipe me!”

Gerald looked at this guy in surprise.

The Aggro Tribe was warlike. Matt’s team was also the hope of the Aggro Tribe. There were two Flame
Decayers and two peak Half-Step Flame Decayers.

“Matt!” At this time, a person from the Blood Tribe said indifferently, “I will come to you.”

“If you don’t come, you will be a bastard,” Matt said disdainfully.

Amid the noise, some teams stood together and secretly exchanged information about their entry.

Obviously, just like Skyler had said, they had an alliance with each other.

Those leading experts didn’t care. As long as the rules weren’t violated, they wouldn’t interfere.

After about ten minutes, Dewey said again, “Guys, the trial will last for a month. Within a month, I

hope you will gain something. Now you can gather at the location of the coordinates. In two hours,

the trial will begin. Anyone who is not at the coordinates will quit.”

The moment the voice fell, the 366 people began to scatter.

Anabel also looked at Gerald and the other two. She said with anticipation, “Let’s go.”

An hour later, Gerald and the other three appeared in a place full of pits.

“Here we are.” Anabel looked at the card and said, “Here are our coordinates.”

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