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Chapter 913

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Slumdog Billionaire Husband by Rayden Berg

Chapter 913 Continuous Breakthroughs

Gerald walked to the entrance of the cave and waited. He was the first person to guard the entrance.

Then, he sat down at the edge of the cave entrance, frowning.

Based on the piece of news by Grant, he was unable to think of anything else that could make the
Archaic Tribe become the leader of the Eight Forces, apart from having a large number of Bone of

“When he guards the entrance of the cave, I’ll trick him! It’s okay if that’s not the case if that’s the case,
then don’t blame me for being merciless.

As time passed, Gerald was able to feel seven auras in the cave slowly ascending.

Gerald had been guarding for almost a day. When it was almost time, he walked inside from the
entrance of the cave. As soon as he walked down, he noticed some changes on Anabel’s face, and the
water around

them rippled.

After a while, Anabel’s eyes suddenly opened, and a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

The others noticed it and shifted their gazes to Anabel in unison.

You’ve had a breakthrough?” Skyler asked skeptically.

Anabel nodded slightly and said, “Yes!”

With that, she lifted her hand, and a water current was wrapped around her arm.

“Are the members of the Pierce family all have water attribute-related ability?” Gerald could not help but

in surprise.

The people from the Pierce family he met before in Rime City also had water attribute-related abilities.

Anabel shook her head and said, “That’s not all true. It’s just that the majority of us have water

attribute-related ability.”

“You guys can do it as well. This place is indeed very suitable for cultivation. I’m more and more
yearning for the real Corona Pool. If I reach the first few levels, I… will consolidate here, and I even
have a chance to directly reach the supreme level of Flame Decay,” Anabel said excitedly.

Skyler looked envious, and then hurriedly closed his eyes

The second person guarding the entrance was Carolyn. She exchanged glances with Gerald and

toward the entrance.

Gerald, on the other hand, sat cross-legged and started cultivating.

After he arrived, Skyler glanced at him gloomily and cursed, “Damn, how can you absorb it so quickly!”

Indeed, it was true. Gerald absorbed it quickly, and the speed of Carolyn’s absorption before also made
Skyler quite depressed. It was because now that Carolyn had just left, someone stronger had arrived.

Gerald coughed as he looked at Skyler and ignored the latter. The former then continued to close his

and started cultivating.

He felt Vital Energy increasing bit by bit, filling his whole body.

Gerald had no idea what was the supreme level of Flame Decay. However, he felt as he had reached
this level, there should be some changes.

He sat cross-legged, and his aura gradually intensified.

Time ticked by quietly. At one point on the second day of their arrival, Gerald opened his eyes. He felt
that he had reached a bottleneck. Although the absorption continued, it seemed to be stuck and he was
unable to

absorb it for his own use.

He pondered for a moment and felt it carefully.

At that moment, his gaze changed and he turned to look at Valery.

Valery sat cross-legged quietly, looking like a deity.

Suddenly, her aura changed slightly, and a green light flashed across her body and entered her body.
Then, Valery’s long eyelashes moved.

At some point, she suddenly opened her eyes, and then a gentle smile appeared on her face.

Then, at that moment, although she was wearing a mask, revealing only her mouth and eyes, Gerald
still felt that Valery at this moment was like an angel descending to earth.

“The level of Flame Decay?” Gerald asked.

Valery nodded.

“What’s your attribute? Is it wood attribute?” Gerald asked excitedly.

Valery shook her head and said, “I don’t know. I feel that… I have the ability to cure, but… it’s very
different from the attribute-related ability for wood attribute I’ve searched for before. I can’t tell it in

“Try to use Vital Energy!” Anabel said at that moment.

Skyler’s gaze looked even more envious than before. In two days, Anabel and Valery had a
breakthrough one after another. Gerald’s team already had four Flame Decayers. They were definitely
the best of all teams!

However, for Skyler’s team, only two Flame Decayers had reached the level of peak Half-Step Flame
Decay at that time, and their progress was already very fast.

Nevertheless, compared to Valery and the others, the difference was still much bigger.

Valery’s Vital Energy swayed slightly, and then there was a green surge of Vital Energy moying around
her body. Gerald could not help but feel a sense of comfort in the place where Vital Energy enveloped

“This is…”

At this moment, both Skyler and Anabel’s faces showed shock, and said, “This is… a life attribute.”

“Huh?” Gerald and the others looked at them blankly.

“The attribute-related ability of a life attribute?” Gerald frowned and asked, “What is this attribute?”

“It’s just that the attribute-related ability contains vitality! This is one of the rarest kinds of attributes.
There seems to be only one person in the entire Havotune Galaxy who knows it now This person is an
old lady from the Stone Tribe, and she has a very high status Anabel added, “Such a Flame Decayer
will be coveted by all forces, and as long as a person is still breathing, she will definitely be able to save
the person.”

After that, she continued, “It’s much better than the healing ability of the wood attribute, and its
attribute-related ability is more than treating people. Then, Anabel added, “If the Eight Forces know this
news, I’m afraid they will be competing to get Valery!”

Gerald’s brows furrowed slightly.

He did not want to watch them being targeted by the Eight Forces.

Thus, he frowned and said, “Everyone, I hope no one will say anything about Valery’s attribute. We
don’t want to attract any attention.”

Skyler was stunned. He looked at Gerald and said, “Gerald, this is good news for Valery. Maybe the old
lady from the Stone Tribe will personally take her in as her disciple.”

Valery shook her head and said, “I don’t plan to be anyone’s disciple.”

Skyler was stunned for a moment before nodding. “Okay, we’ll definitely give you our promise.”

After giving others a few more instructions, Gerald said, “Continue with your cultivation!”

He sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and continued to get insight.

At that moment, Gerald actually possessed yet another attribute.

After his fight with Sheryl, Gerald realized that he had an additional thunder attribute. So far, there were

kinds of attributes within him.

He had the ice attribute, magma attribute, air extraction attribute, wind attribute, thunder attribute and
even strengthening attribute of the body.

Gerald did not know what was the limit for Dragon Bone. However, he was sure that it was getting
harder and harder for him to absorb the attributes. Previously, he had fought a lot of Flame Decayers
before, and there was no absorbing at all except for Sheryl’s thunder attribute.

Thus, Gerald frowned and said, “After I go back, I have to find time to look through the ancient books
left from Burial Ground and see if I can find some information on Dragon Bone.”

Time passed, and five days had passed unknowingly.

In the meantime, Skyler and Grant had a breakthrough and reached the level of Flame Decay.
Meanwhile, the

other two were also getting closer to it.

As for Valery and Anabel, their realms had completely consolidated. As for Carolyn, her improvement

also very obvious after a few days. If she entered Corona Pool for a few more days to cultivate, Gerald
guessed that she also had a chance to reach the supreme level of Flame Decay.

If he and Anabel were supreme Flame Decayers, then they would have a much higher chance of
fighting against the Four Ancient Families.

However, it was quite difficult to reach the supreme level of Flame Decay. Even with this momentum,
Gerald was unable to have a breakthrough and was still stuck at the final part.

At this time, Skyler ran down from the entrance of the cave with a smile on his face and said, “Grant,
it’s your turn. I’ll continue to consolidate my realm!”

“No problem.” Grant stood up and nodded.

Once he left, Gerald slowly opened his eyes.

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