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The Runaway Groom Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

Isaac refrained from returning to the mansion because he did not want a repeat of that night.

Even so, she had to show up in front of him again, and in this state!

Her makeup and devilish fashion to curry a man‘s favor left him wanting to strangle her.

If he was not the one who came today, she was going to be flirting with some other man, was she not?

His ire burgeoning, inconsolable rage rushed up his brain and stopped him from thinking.

All he wanted was to possess her!

He hence moved so quickly that, before Irene caught his intention or realized what was happening, he
had already jammed his lips against hers.


She tried to struggle, but as soon as her hands moved, he caught them and pinned them above her
head, locking her against her seat.

The kiss was brutish and invasive. Devoid of tenderness, it was more akin to a punishment–an
expression of desire and possessiveness!

Her lips were soft and had a sweetness like no other.

Feeling a strong sense of familiarity , Isaac‘s lust flared.

On the other hand, Irene was trembling in pain, but she had to take it since she could not resist.

Minutes later, when Isaac came to his senses and slowly pulled away, he looked between her tearful
eyes and her scarlet lips that still bore the markings of his violence. His Adam‘s apple bobbing, he
growled hoarsely, “As long as we’re married, you‘re not allowed to leave the house and flirt with other
men. Do you hear me?!” Irene‘s heart was pounding. Her eyes welled with so much tears that her
eyelashes caught some. Who did he think he was? Was she really that easily bullied?

Glaring at him furiously, she snapped, “Isaac, you‘re the one who denied me the chance to work at
Central Hospital, and you made me lose my job! I‘m just human I still have to make a living! Not letting
me out of the house? Are you going to pay everything for me now?!”

Isaac‘s heart skipped a beat. “Central Hospital?”

Irene pushed him away. “Stop pretending ! You told Dr. King to give the internship to Whitney Cox!”

“I didn‘t...” Isaac began, but soon realized that he did tell the chief of Charity Hospital to ‘take good care


In other words, Whitney only got the internship because of Isaac‘s influence!

Meanwhile, Irene snarled through gritted teeth, “Not only are you denying me my dream, but you‘ve
also taken away the career I‘d worked so hard for! I hate you!”

Sitting up, she pushed him away and managed to catch him by surprise, knocking him backward and
leaving him a little ragged.

Irene tried to stride away, but she was not used to heels, which she had worn to match her dress.

Walking a little too quickly, she inadvertently sprained her foot.

Isaac reacted quickly, darting forward to catch her, and she landed softly in his arms, leaving his heart

Her waist was just so soft, and it felt like it would snap if he was a little forceful.

Slapping him, Irene cried, “Let go!”

Isaac ignored her struggling and simply scooped her up in his arms, then threw her back into his car,
growling,” Stop it!”

Nonetheless, there was no edge in his voice — he actually sounded more patient, as if trying to soothe

Even so, Irene was utterly wounded. “What do you want from me? You want me dead, don‘t you?”

Isaac turned his back on her then, so that she did not see that he was losing his composure.

“It‘s your fault for not listening.”

Irene laughed despite herself. He was pushing her over the brink, and now she was the one at fault?

This was outrageous!

“I want a divorce!” she bellowed, not caring about the agreement she had signed with Henry.

All she wanted right now was to get away from him, or she would really end up dead!

Be that as it may, her words somehow left him angry.

As he turned toward her again, his usual apathy returned, and his glare was sharp, like a tiger leering
at its prey.” Don‘t forget that you had an agreement with my grandfather. What are you going to insist

on a divorce and break that agreement?”

Whitney had just happened to step out of the diner when she heard Isaac‘s voice.

She looked up, and her eyes widened as she found Irene in Isaac’s car!

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