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The Runaway Groom Chapter 86

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Chapter 86

Harvey entered and took a seat.

“Long time no see, Mr. Jefferson.” He greeted Isaac with a smile that did not reach his eyes.

The private room was dark, and Isaac appeared to be lounging–but the look on his face was

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” Harvey asked.

“I heard that the CEO of Hartman United reneged on your partnership offer?” Isaac asked evenly, but it
was a direct slap to Harvey‘s face. Still, Harvey knew that Isaac was behind that, and composed
himself despite bleeding from the heart. “It‘s just a partnership–if it falls through, it falls through.”

Isaac chuckled. “How magnanimous. How much did it cost you?”

Harvey felt humiliated right then.

Isaac was just trying to twist the dagger now!

Harvey had always known that the man was swift and decisive, but he came so prepared that he had
caught Harvey completely off guard!

Moreover, in spite of the devastating losses from that failed partnership, Harvey still had the advantage
because he knew where Irene was.

“A loss is a loss. It‘s just money–I can always earn more,” he stubbornly retorted. “Is that all you came
to tell me?”

Even now, Isaac was still refusing to mention Irene, and replied, “Why else would I do it? Also, your
property at Spring Bay might get investigated for construction policy violations. If an investigation
follows, the project would have to be suspended as well...”

Harvey was pushed over the edge before Isaac was finished, and he growled angrily, “Are you
backstabbing me?”

He could handle the failed partnership, but he had invested so much in Spring Bay that suspending
construction alone would leave him with inestimable losses!

Isaac appeared perfectly comfortable and unaffected, however. “Business is war. How could you blame
me for your negligence?”

Harvey gritted his teeth and heaved in frustration, before turning to leave without a word.

He never saw Isaac‘s carefree look turn into a glower the instant he left. “Get someone to follow him.”

“Yes, sir.” Stan did as he was told immediately.

This was all a part of Isaac’s plan–he never mentioned Irene to Harvey because he knew Harvey would
never breathe a word.

If he did, Harvey would know his goal and become wary. It would also make Harvey even more tight–
lipped and use it as leverage against him.

Instead of falling on the back foot and being left with no authority at all, Isaac must strike first so that
Harvey would panic and mess up.

They were in Harvey’s territory, and they must start with the man if they wanted anything. As long as he
had Irene, an opportunity would eventually present itself.

And just as Isaac had predicted, Harvey was feeling too hot–headed to care, let alone realize that Isaac
had someone tailing him.

He first headed to his office, which was left in utter chaos.

The string of incidents left an atmosphere of doom and gloom!

Harvey cursed endlessly as he tried to salvage the situation, calming down after one night before
returning to Irene.

He realized that Isaac had done all that for Irene.

Trying to force him to concede? He would rather suffer all those losses than to give her up!

Once he met Irene again, he flew into an angry rant instantly.

“That man is outrageous! How could he be so heinous?!” Harvey paced around beside her bed, his
hands clasped behind his back. “That son of a bitch backstabbed me!”

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Chapter 86

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