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The Runaway Groom Chapter 109

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Chapter 109

Isaac finally looked straight at Harvey then.

So he was upset about the painting… But Isaac did not mind that at all!

“Burn it,” he told Stan nonchalantly.

Irene painted him? Fine. He just had to burn it into ashes!

Harvey was at a loss for words from sheer frustration. Isaac had gone too far!

At the same time, Stan promptly called someone to get the job done, before telling Harvey, “Please
leave, Mr. Gooding!”

Harvey’s chest was heaving with a fiery rage, but he had nowhere to rant!

To add insult to injury–it might even have been Stan’s plan- the instant he stepped out of the building,
he found the painting being burnt!

Rage could hardly describe how he felt just then.

“Stan, is your boss actually in love with Irene Spencer?”

He had no idea why Isaac was calm despite everything he said, but there was one plausible
explanation: Isaac was in love with Irene.

But if he was, why would he throw her off a building?

Naturally, Stan knew that for a fact, but there was no way he would tell an outsider like Harvey about
Isaac’s personal affairs.

“It’s Mr. Jefferson’s business,” he smiled. “Would a lackey like me be privy to that?”

Harvey snorted coolly. “You’re a real villain. Guess the dog takes after its owner!”

Stan simply smiled without offering a retort, while Harvey stared at the painting of himself reduced to

What was this supposed to be? One only burns a person’s picture if they are dead!

Were they trying to jinx him?

He headed for his car, but suddenly made a turn on his way back, heading to the hospital to visit Irene

She was asleep, and Mrs. Watson just happened to have


Harvey was in a bad mood, however, and barked, “Irene Spencer!”

Jolted awake, she rubbed her eyes and saw that it was Harvey.

“Were you lying to me?” he asked sharply.

Still groggy from sleep, Irene was naturally confused. ”

About what?”

“The reason you were running away from Isaac Jefferson! You never cheated on him, did you?!”

Irene stared at him in surprise. “You talked to him?”

“What do you think?” Harvey snorted grumpily.

“I wasn’t lying,” Irene explained. “Why would he push me off a building if he didn’t hate me? You saw
how I ended up with this leg, or do you actually need me to explain?”

Harvey certainly had no retort against that, since he had seen Isaac push Irene off the second floor
with his own eyes.

Isaac would not have done that if he did not hate her!

“Then why didn’t he get upset when I told him that you made him a cuck?”

“Do you even know the man? He knows how to disguise his mood. Why would he let anything on?
Moreover, he’s just making himself a laughing stock if he gets upset right in front of you–and you know
he’s not that stupid. Even if he gets upset, he’ll keep in or just vent it on me.”

Harvey thought so too… Then Isaac must just be feigning composure!

He also realized something else. “Oh… I’ve been a bother, haven’t I?”

“It’s fine,” Irene replied flatly. “I’d rather he get upset with me and divorce me.”

Harvey licked his lips- after being foiled by Isaac, he suddenly had a nasty idea. “Like I said before, we
can put up an act to upset him. You’ll get what you want! It’s a good plan, so just agree to it.”

Irene became silent as she pondered.

She certainly needed that divorce soon, since she missed her son already.


Before she finished, the door to the ward suddenly opened!

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