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The Runaway Groom Chapter 108

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Chapter 108

“It’s the amount Mr. Jefferson told us to prepare,” Stan


Harvey was fuming. How did 70 million dollars end up as 21 million dollars?! Isaac was clearly

He stormed off to look for Isaac to argue his case, and Isaac just happened to finish his discussion with


Mr. Layton flashed an awkward smile when he saw Harvey, and left without even a greeting. Still, he
was clearly set on a partnership with Isaac than Harvey


Harvey did not leave him with any harsh remarks, since no agreement was actually signed and calling
it off beforehand was not reneging. They were all business people, and making things awkward for one
another was


And Harvey was a man who could see the bigger picture.

After Mr. Layton was out of earshot, he finally spoke, Are you breaking the deal, Mr. Jefferson?”


Isaac simply turned and headed back to his office, so Harvey followed him, snapping relentlessly, “You
made the bid yourself! So why are you paying me only 21

million dollars?!”

Behind them, Stan was left gaping at the portrait he was holding, and then at Harvey…

Was that man really complaining that he got 21 million for this?!

He also had no idea why Isaac would spend so much to buy that when it was hardly worth that much!

Meanwhile, Isaac sat behind his desk, loosening his collar, and looked up at Harvey. “Weren’t you
splitting the money with Irene Spencer? If I recall, 30 percent was what you said of course, I’ll pay her
myself. Do you take issue with the fact that I did not pay you the full amount?


Harvey was left speechless.

“No…” He tried to argue.

He had been feeling proud that the art exhibition he had gone through great lengths to put together had
somehow benefited Irene as well…

So how could he let Isaac be the nice guy here?

Moreover, would not Irene think better of Isaac when he gives her the money, while Harvey himself
somehow ended up as a father buying a dowry?!

It was unpleasant just thinking about it!

“It’s 30 percent Irene, 70 percent me,” he tried to argue

he could not care less about anything else just then, because he deserved that 49 million!

However, Isaac was not about to play along. “I’m paying, and I therefore call the shots. You could just
forfeit my payment if you think it’s not good enough for you.”

Harvey was once again speechless.

What on earth was that reasoning?! Isaac was killing him!

Still, he took a moment to compose himself–he realized then that never got the drop on Isaac before,
given the man’s cunning nature.

From that perspective, 21 million was better than nothing.

“My project is suspended and I’m losing more money by the day because you ratted me out. My
hundred million dollar partnership with Mr. Layton fell through because you poached him. Sure, I admit
that you’re better and that’s inevitably the key to winning in business, but don’t get so smug, Isaac. I
know what others don’t–Irene Spencer is your secret wife, isn’t she?”

Isaac stayed impassive as if he never heard Harvey, and calmly opened a file folder to read.

However, there was a storm brewing inside him.

Irene told Harvey about them?

His heart sank!

Naturally, Harvey kept pushing him when he saw that

Isaac appeared unaffected. “I also know that she made you a cuck.”

“You can leave when you’re done,” Isaac said as he signed the document, and pushed the folder aside.

Harvey was left fuming, feeling as if he had hit a wall and did nothing to Isaac!

“Are you really that magnanimous? You bought that painting to destroy and ease your frustration, did
you not?


Isaac would have been incensed if he had not known the truth that he was the one who had made
Irene pregnant.

Why should he be jealous of himself?

As such, he gave Harvey a mysterious look.

Harvey was left confused. What is the man up to?

Nonetheless, Isaac soon growled, “Stan, please escort him out.”

He did not want to waste his time with Harvey.

While Harvey was left speechless again, Stan gestured at the door, “Please, Mr. Gooding.”

As such, Harvey could do nothing but leave in frustration –he could not stay when Isaac had basically
told him to leave.

But just as he arrived at the door, his phone rang.

Once he picked it up, his staff cried out, “Sir! Someone took your painting!”


“Just now!”

Harvey’s face darkened. “Who was it?”

“…I think it’s Mr. Jefferson’s people!”

Harvey flew into a rage right then and turned around, storming toward Isaac’s desk, slamming his fist
on it so hard that it hurt his knuckles.

Still, he was snarling ferociously, “That was out of line, Isaac Jefferson!”

Stan approached them just then, and reported to Isaac, ” We have the other painting, sir.”

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