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The Runaway Groom Chapter 153

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Chapter 153

Beauty really pulls the wool over one’s eyes, does it not?

“I’m actually surprised that I’d have feelings for him. I want to tell him about Tommy, but I

always have trouble speaking around him. Don’t you get it, Lulu? I’ve never had regrets before until I
met him…‘

Lulu raised a brow. “You regret having Tommy?”

Irene shook her head. “I regret being so impulsive that night.”

She had never regretted having Tommy, because he was her treasure.

She regretted what she did, because she wanted to offer her best of herself to Isaac after falling for

Even if Isaac told her that he did not mind, she did.

Sitting beside her, Lulu said earnestly, “Maybe I’m wrong, Irene, but I’d believe you if you told me that
an average Joe does not mind that you have a child.

“But Isaac Jefferson is no average Joe, is he? He can have any woman he wants, and he may be
infatuated with you for now. However, as time goes by, are you sure he can still accept another man’s

“People have imaginations, and when he sees Tommy, won’t he be imagining you getting it on with
another man? Will that really not affect your relationship in the long run?”

That was exactly what stopped Irene from coming clean with Isaac.

Tommy was not his son–would he earnestly be nice to another man’s child?

And for her part, she would refuse to send Tommy away to live with someone else.

“I may be wrong, and even petty…”

“No, you’re right.” Irene knew that Lulu had said all that out of concern, and she also

understood the reasoning behind those words.

After all, who knew if Isaac was just having a passing fancy with her? And how long would said. fancy
last until it passed?

It was her who should not get caught in the moment.

Even if she had to confront her own feelings, she must keep thinking straight.

Inhaling lengthily, she said, “I know what to do.”

“Are you going to divorce him? Actually, he might be different from other men…” Lulu quickly tried to
dissuade her.

“No… Things aren’t that solid with us anyway. We’re just living together because we have a marriage

She decided that she would come clean, but only when Isaac became certain that it was truly‘ till death
do them part.

“Actually, I can help you raise Tommy if you really love Isaac. You know I can help,” Lulu


suggested, sincerely being considerate toward her just then.

Irene shook her head.

She would raise her own child, after carrying him around for ten months.

In fact, she would rather keep her child than her relationship.

Lulu sighed then–for herself and Irene.

Their relationship problems were certainly convoluted!

“Go take a shower now. Give me a shout when you need me,” Irene said, getting to her feet.

“Okay,” Lulu replied.

After returning to her room, Irene took a shower but could not fall asleep afterwards. She sat by the bay
window, hugging her legs as she stared at the moon outside.


The doorknob turned just then.

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