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The Runaway Groom Chapter 144

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Chapter 144

Lionel was convinced that after he sided with Irene on this one, she would not refuse him. should he
ask her to look after Ricky in the future.

He had certainly thought of everything, and had already left a will dictating the distribution of his

Everything Samantha did was in vain!

For her part, Samantha knew that Lionel never loved her.

However, she never expected him to side with Irene, even going so far as to force her to surrender
herself to the police by using his fortune as leverage!

“I’ve been with you for over twenty years Don’t you trust me at all? I said I didn’t

“Just stop already! Are you going to surrender yourself or not?!” Lionel promptly cut her short, because
he was not in the mood for her nonsense

Samantha was left trembling even as she stood. While she did not love Lionel that much, they had
been partners and he genuinely cared for her!

How could he be so heartless?

“”I’m the mother of your son!” she snapped.

Lionel remained calm despite her outburst and mania. “I never denied that.”

“Then why are you pushing me so far?” Samantha cried, unable to believe that Lionel would go so far
for Irene.

But it was now reality.

“I knew it… You still love your ex-wife and your daughter! Ricky and I were just spares… Fine! Ricky
and I will leave!”

She stormed off, convinced that Lionel would ask her and Ricky to stay since they were together for so
long… But Lionel did not, leaving her utterly disenchanted!

They had lived together for years, and were more than spouses even if they were not legitimate.

But Lionel insisted on being this cold toward her!

Bloodlust overflowed within Samantha’s heart just then, and before she left, she glared at Lionel

“Dad…” Irene began.

She was surprised by Lionel’s coldness towards Samantha too!

“Don’t worry. I’ll settle this for your sake!” Lionel insisted.

Seeing that he was determined, Irene had nothing to say, and turned to leave. “I see, I’ll be leaving

Lionel stopped her. “Do you think… Your mother will visit me?”

Irene did not look back. “I told her about your condition, but she refused.”

With that, she left.

Once outside the hospital, Irene whipped out her phone to call Lulu-she happened to be free, and they
arranged to meet at a teahouse.

But by sheer coincidence, Irene ran into Zachary just outside the teahouse.

He seemed to have withered considerably after getting constantly drunk for a while now, and a lot less
bright or cheerful.

“Are you going in too, Irene?” he asked.

Remembering that she was going to meet Lulu, Irene felt a little guilty. “I… guess?”

“What a coincidence. You can join me,” Zachary said, but he appeared tired and unenthusiastic.

It hurt Irene to see him like this, and she really wanted to tell him that Lulu did not actually get married
or loved someone else.

However, it was not up to her to tell him.

“You came alone?” Irene asked, actually curious since Zachary never liked tea and had no reason to
be here.

She and Lulu had agreed to meet here since this was a quiet place.

“I have a blind date,” Zachary said as he dragged her inside. “Can you do me a solid? I don’t know how
to turn her down otherwise.”

Trene pushed him away. “I won’t be your shield.”


Zachary actually thought that nothing could be easier his mother might have arranged this, but once his
blind date saw him with another woman, the whole thing would quickly go sour.

And he did not have to bother anymore!

“I have something to attend to.” Irene began, whipping out her phone to call Lulu and change the venue

Before she could do it, however, Lulu arrived and saw Irene and somehow missed Zachary as she
called out, “Irene..”

Irene turned around stiffly-she was too late!

Lulu was already smiling and walking toward them, while Zachary’s whole body had stiffened, and he
could not move after he heard her voice

“What’s wrong? You don’t look well,” Lulu asked.

trene glanced sideways “I caught a cold”

“Did you take your meds?” Lulu pressed in concern. Irene simply stayed silent

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