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The Runaway Groom Chapter 161

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Chapter 161

Suddenly, Irene felt as if something was stuck in her chest, suffocating her.

“You’re not insisting on staying, are you?” Henry growled, seeing the look on her face. “Are you really
making a bastard called Isaac daddy? Would he accept that? Do you think I would?” Irene suddenly
realized that she had missed out something important–Isaac was the heir to his family’s inestimable

The greater the dynasty, the more selective they were about bloodlines.

Even if Isaac insisted that he did not mind and was willing to raise Tommy as his own, would Henry
allow Tommy in the family, when the blood of the Jeffersons did not flow in his veins? It was maybe
acceptable for the average family, but not for a dynasty, especially with a throne and money at stake.

Irene realized that she had been delusional. Having focused on herself and Isaac, she had ignored
innumerable external elements, along with the environment where Tommy would be raised, or if she
would hurt him spiritually.

She was so obsessed with herself that she had neglected him.

She was obliged to provide a stable, comfortable environment for Tommy, not a dynasty with
convoluted relations.

Meeting Henry’s gaze, she said, “I’ll leave.”

Henry was naturally satisfied with her attitude. “I won’t harass you since you’re being

agreeable. I’ll handle the paperwork for the divorce, since I was the one who registered your marriage

“Of course.” Irene hung her head. “I’ve let you down, even though you saved my mom…

“Save it. Words mean nothing after that mess. One way or another, I don’t want to see that child in my
house, and I have a task for you.”

Henry’s tone was becoming increasingly impolite, but he believed that Irene was obligated to help after
the mess she caused.

“Of course,” Irene was willing to help, since he did save her mother–if nothing else, she did. not have to
feel guilty afterward.

“There’s a woman named Kathy York who is working for Isaac. She’ll replace you, but Isaac is unwilling
to divorce you. As such, I want you to make him hate you.”

“Can I ask for something else?” Irene asked.

She did not want things to be so bitter with Isaac even if she had to leave.

“Fine,” Henry replied with no hesitation. “Get Isaac to fall for Kathy.”

Irene frowned—the first one was actually better! How could she bear to play matchmaker for the man
she loved?

“What, you think you can’t do it?” Henry asked icily, convinced that she was already making excuses
and not actually willing to help him.

“I’m sure you know Isaac’s temper, sir,” Irene pointed out. “Do you think I really have what it takes to
control him? I can only promise to do my best, but don’t blame me if I don’t succeed.”

Despite what she said, she knew that she could not refuse Henry, and must repay him for saving her
mother–otherwise, he would use it persistently as leverage against her in the


On the other hand, Henry mused to himself for a while. “You’re right. Isaac’s temper is not to be trifled
with… Just do your best.”

Then, turning toward Moneypenny, he growled, “Send orders to everyone who saw or heard what
happened here. Tell them that Isaac is not to be informed.”

“Yes, sir,” Moneypenny replied, and left.

Henry then turned toward Irene. “That means you too.”

“I know,” Irene replied.

Satisfied, Henry left the mansion, and Irene headed downstairs as well–she had to lean.

against the scaffolding, since she felt as if her whole body had turned soft.

Worried about her, Lulu quickly went to her after Henry left, and helped her stand. “Are you alright?”

Irene nodded.

“Yeah,” she replied, while trying to look her best. “Where’s Tommy? Is he still crying?”

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