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The Runaway Groom Chapter 163

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Chapter 163

“Who do I think I am? I should be asking you that-Lionel never divorced me.” Sheryl spoke calmly and
quietly, but it was enough to leave Samantha speechless!

The fact that Samantha was not legally married to Lionel would always be her Achilles‘ heel. Sheryl
telling her that also hurt her even more than when Irene had told her that. Coupled with Ricky’s injury,
her frustrations piled and she flew into a rage.

However, just as she raised her hand, ready to slap Sheryl across the face, Irene strode up and caught
her hand. “My dad just died. Don’t act like a fishwife at his funeral.”

Samantha’s eyes were bulging when she turned and saw Irene. “Well done! Neither of you were here
to visit or care for Lionel when he’s sick, but you’re here to get a cut of his inheritance as soon as he
dies?! I’m telling you, everything in this house belongs to Ricky!” Murderous intent showed in her eyes.
“And you dared to hurt him! I’ll destroy you!”

“Just stop already!” Irene snapped and shoved her aside, not bothered to argue–everything could wait
until after the funeral.

Naturally, Samantha had to bear with it, since she could not beat Irene and Sheryl by herself.

Still, she remembered her own son–as long as Ricky was around, she did not have to fear them.

Sheryl, however, was not inclined to keep arguing with Samantha.

Pulling Irene to a corner, she asked softly, “Why are you here? Where’s Tommy?”

“I asked Lulu to babysit

“Irene.” Sheryl cut her short before she could finish.

“What is it, Mom?” Irene asked in confusion, and saw that Sheryl was staring fixedly behind her.

She turned, and found Isaac standing nearby, and exclaimed in surprise, “Why are you here?”

“To see you,” he replied.

Sheryl gave her a pat on the arm and told her, “I’ll take care of things. Go on.”

“Okay,” Irene said, and saw Isaac walking up to her just as she was about to go to him.

“If you need anything, just ask,” he said, though it seemed like he was addressing it to both Sheryl and
Irene at once.

Sheryl was aware that their marriage was not one of love, and that her own daughter had to give birth
to Tommy in secret.

But even if their marriage was troubled, she had no right to pull rank with Isaac, just as she had no
intention to add to Irene’s troubles.

As she turned to leave, Irene pulled Isaac aside and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Isaac was actually puzzled by her question. “We’re married, and your father just passed away.
Shouldn’t I be here as your husband?”

The mention of their marriage left Irene’s heart clenching and her eyes watery.

“It’s going to be fine,” Isaac said as he pulled her into his arms, presuming that she was sad about
Lionel’s passing. “I’ll take care of you now.”

Irene closed her eyes in pain.

Lionel’s funeral was over after three days, and his lawyer called for a meeting of all family members at
the living room.

Ricky’s head was still bandaged–he had yet to fully recover from his head wound.

He seemed uninterested in what the lawyer was going to say, even lethargic.

It was obvious from his face that he was still mourning his father.

“Mr. Spencer left a will after learning about his illness-

“He’s giving everything to Ricky, isn’t he?” Samantha pressed.

“Please stay calm,” the lawyer said flatly, taking out a folder as he spoke. “Here it is…”

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