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The Runaway Groom Chapter 168

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Chapter 168

“You’ve been working for Isaac for a while now, so you should know his favorite food. Can you tell me
about it?” Kathy smiled.

Stan, however, was wary–she addressed Isaac on a first–name basis, and not by ‘Mr. Jefferson.

“Why bother asking? You know that Mr. Jefferson married Ms. Spencer, who just left.”

Stan was certainly sharp enough to tell what Kathy was up to the instant she asked, and weighed down
on ‘Mr. Jefferson‘–he was telling her to know her place as an employee, and not get out of line!

Kathy murmured meekly, “I’m just…”

“You’re here to work, so do your job and quit messing around. Have some dignity as a woman, and
don’t lust after a married man!” Stan warned her, and turned to leave.

Kathy’s innocent expression turned to a hateful glare–in her opinion, he was meddling in her business.

A mere assistant, talking to her like that?

Her hands clenched into knuckles at her sides as her desire to become Mrs. Jefferson became even

One day, she would have Stan address her respectfully as Mrs. Jefferson!

After leaving the building, Stan drove straight to Spencer Holdings.

Irene was sitting in her office, and there were stacks of documents covering her desk. She barely
understood most of it, since she lacked knowledge in the field and the jargon used.

She was at her wit’s end when someone knocked on her door.

“Come in,” she said.

Her secretary opened the door, saying, “Ms. Spencer? This gentleman is here to see you.”

Irene rose to her feet when she saw that it was Stan, and said, “Let him in. You may get back to work.”

As Stan entered and saw the documents on her table, he asked, “Not used to your new job?”

Irene nodded.

“Well, I can only help you once for now,” Stan replied. “I’ll send a couple guys I trust after this to instruct
you while helping the company’s management.”

Irene said gratefully, “Thank you.”

“You should be thanking Mr. Jefferson,” Stan replied as he walked up and picked up one of the
document folders. “He’s the one who asked me to come… I should also mention that he asked me to
look into Spencer Holdings after your father’s passing, and it seems that he had enough foresight to
remove any unstable elements in the company. That said, you need to pressure


those under you, or they will forget their place.”

Irene lowered her gaze.

Stan was Isaac’s trusted assistant, and he would not be here without Isaac’s permission.

She kept this favor in mind.

Taking a seat, Stan continued, “It seems that your company’s operations are quite smooth. Here, let me
show you…”

Irene was studious under Stan’s tutelage.

Time flew, and it was soon dark outside.

“Allow me to buy you dinner,” Irene offered. “You’ve been working the entire day.”

“Of course. Thank you,” Stan replied.

As they stepped out of the building, Stan unlocked his car, and said, “We can go

“Mrs. Jefferson.”


my car-

A car had stopped nearby, and Moneypenny stepped out.

Irene’s expression stiffened when she saw him, and she promptly turned to Stan. “I think dinner will
have to wait. Moneypenny must want to talk to me.”

“Okay,” Stan said, and drove off.

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