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The Runaway Groom Chapter 171

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Chapter 171

At first, Irene’s enthusiasm had clouded his mind.

However, now that Isaac thought about it, she had been cold to him just this morning.

Suddenly, she was getting eager, even inviting him to a hotel.

It was clearly not logical.

“I just wanted to thank you. Is that so wrong?” Irene asked.


“Stan taught me a lot today and helped with many decisions,” she explained. “I know that he did his
best only because of you, so I want to thank you.”

“That’s it?” Isaac’s voice turned quieter.

It was not because she loved him, and wanted to be with him–she just wanted to repay him for helping

“Hah!” He snorted coolly and darkly. “So you’re giving yourself to me in return?”

Those words hurt Irene profoundly, but she repressed her pain and leaned against his arm, saying, “I
love you.

Isaac jammed his foot on the brakes, stopping the car by the road.

His expression stiffened for seconds–her words certainly resounded in his mind!

“Do you know what you’re saying?” he asked quietly.

“I do,” Irene replied, and it was the truth: she had no choice but to do this.

Lifting her eyes to meet his, she said, “I do this willingly.”

Isaac realized then that he was not himself around her, and a single word or a smile from her could
make him angry or sad.

“Oh, you.” He smiled, helpless and captivated.

He knew then that he had fallen within her control!

After he drove them to the hotel, Irene shoved him toward the bathroom once they arrived at their suite.
“Go on, take a shower.”

Isaac’s hand was around her waist, his brow lifted in eagerness as he leaned in to whisper into her ear,
“Can’t wait?”

Irene lowered her gaze and urged, “Go on.”

Isaac kissed her between the brows and quietly said, “Wait for me.”

“Okay,” she replied.

As Isaac turned and headed inside the bathroom, Irene’s smile vanished the instant he closed the door
behind him.

She walked up to the table where a bottle of red wine was placed, hesitating as she reached for


Nonetheless, the thought of her son gave her the resolve to pop the cap, and she poured the drug in as

Moneypenny had prepared both the red wine and the drug, and she just had to wait for Isaac to come
out of the bathroom.

Half an hour later, he appeared in a bathrobe, drying his hair with a towel. “Your turn.”

Irene stood up and gave him a glass of the red wine. “I ordered this, but I haven’t had a taste yet.”

Isaac took it. “Everything here is always up to standard.”

He did not seem to hesitate because Irene had poured it for him.

“Wait here. I just thought of something I should get,” she said, and headed for the door.

Isaac caught her wrist. “What is it?”

“You’ll know when I bring it up,” Irene smiled and pried his fingers away. “Just stay put.”

With that, she left the room without looking back, her hand flinching the instant she closed the door.

She headed for the elevator, and was just about to get in when Kathy York stepped out.

She had dressed up elaborately in a red dress, and her makeup was immaculate–it was obvious she
had spent a lot of time on it.

She was not surprised to see Irene. After everything that happened today, she knew that she would be
claiming Isaac for herself and was hence smiling smugly. “Henry Jefferson chose me as the next Mrs.
Jefferson. Thank you for giving up your place.”

Irene quietly entered the elevator and pushed the button to head down, but Kathy placed a hand on the
door to stop it. “Henry is sick of you, so know your place and stay away from Isaac.

Irene simply pushed her hand away, and before the doors closed, she said, “That man has a bad
temper–you should be thinking about how to appease him instead. Why bother wasting your breath
with me?”

As she left the hotel, she wandered aimlessly on the streets.

The myriad colored lights flashed overhead and around her, but it all seemed dull in her eyes!

Moreover, she felt a coldness within her heart even though the weather was warm.

She did her best to take deep breaths and calm herself, and after she composed herself, she tried to
stop a taxi, intending to head to Jefferson Manor to get Tommy from Henry. That was when someone
grabbed her by the waist from behind!

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