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The Runaway Groom Chapter 195

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Chapter 195

Over the last few days, Henry had been sulking.

Although Moneypenny had voluntarily apologized and admitted to what he did, he had been coerced
and actually deserved sympathy.

However, Henry still allowed himself to be talked into splitting up Irene and Isaac’s marriage!

He had wanted someone to take care of Isaac, to give him a woman who can offer him a family

Only for everything to end up a mess!

He did not even want to imagine how Isaac would react once he found out that he and Moneypenny
had a hand in his divorce, along with the kidnapping of his son!

What respect and kinship he held would vaporize, would it not?

“Honestly, what should I do now?” It was not as if Henry had gotten senile–Moneypenny had spent of
his life serving him and more than proved his loyalty. He was not about to send him to the gallows over
one mistake!

“Sir.” Moneypenny bowed reverently then. “Perhaps I should confess to Master Isaac…” “Forget it. Do
you think you’d live with that temper of his? And with your withered body?” Henry snorted. “What has
happened has happened–let there be no next time.”

“Don’t worry, sir. There won’t be,” Moneypenny promised.

“So, any leads on Irene Spencer?” Henry asked.

He was aware that Irene had been abducted on her way to get married too.

“No, sir. It’s an absolute mystery,” Moneypenny said, shaking his head. “The culprits left no traces at all,
and I could not find out who they were at all!”

“Do you think it’s Isaac?” Henry mused.

Moneypenny considered it. “He does have feelings for her, but does he desire her so much that he
doesn’t care if she was marrying someone else, and would take her even if it meant crashing a

“Indeed. They were married for little over a year, and Irene had been missing for months as well. Even
if he loves her, his feelings would not be that strong,” Henry guessed.

“That’s true. You know Master Isaac, and given how rational he can be, he would not get this obsessed
over a woman,” Moneypenny concluded.

Henry thought about that a while, and decided that Moneypenny was being reasonable.

He had never seen Isaac resort to outrageous behavior over any woman thus far!

“That said, I find Ms. Spencer a little too headstrong if we want someone who can take care of Master
Isaac. Won’t you agree?” Moneypenny said just then.

Henry narrowed his eyes. they?”

“She’s a doctor. And most ladies these days are the same, aren’t

Moneypenny shook his head. “Won’t you agree that Kathy is more controllable?”

“I know you’re trying to get me to pick Kathy York, but you’ve seen for yourself last night- Isaac didn’t
even bother to show up at the dinner with her. You could tell right then how difficult it would be to get
him to warm up to her,” Henry said.

Even though he thought that he had made a mistake at first, now that he had really given it careful
thought, he realized that he was worried about not seeing Isaac being with a person he loved, not to
mention that he was old now.

If he still could not understand love, he would become even colder and crueler after Henry’s death!

“Actually, I don’t think we need a woman with brains. She just has to love him and take care of him, and
that’s enough. Won’t you agree?”

Henry gave his butler a look. “You want me to continue getting Isaac to warm up to Kathy?”

“You did agree to Mr. York’s request to look after his granddaughter, and you suggested the coupling in
the first place. How would you explain to Mr. York that you’re giving up halfway?” Pausing for a
moment, Moneypenny continued, “Moreover, is there anyone better suited than her at the moment?”


Henry started coughing just then, and Moneypenny quickly brought a glass of water. “Here, sir. Take
your time.”

Henry had a couple sips wet his throat, but it still hurts.

“Should I ask for Dr. Slate?” Moneypenny asked.

Henry waved him off. “No!”

A servant suddenly entered the room. “Sir, Ms. York is here.”

Henry was just feeling irritated, and frowned. “What is she doing here?”

“I don’t know, but she is having a crying fit–maybe she was somehow given grief?” the servant replied.

Moneypenny quietly said, “I will get her to leave…”

Henry waved him off. “Forget it. Let her in.”

Cedric York was a close friend of his and Kathy his only granddaughter. He could not bear to face
Cedric if he could not even take care of her a little.

“Henry…” Kathy was sobbing, putting up a miserable look as she entered.

“What is it?” Henry asked, already feeling impatient inside!

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