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The Runaway Groom Chapter 207

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Chapter 207

Rosa had no idea what had happened, but she was aware that Jefferson Manor was not the place to

Once inside Harvey’s car, she took her son’s hand and said, “Tell me. What was all of that about?”

She certainly felt uneasy about all that.

“Look, Harvey–your father left the company to you in its entirety, and I don’t know much about business
so I can’t help much with that. I also know that things can get difficult for you, but even so, you
shouldn’t force a woman who doesn’t love you to marry you. You would never find happiness that way.”

While Rosa was being considerate for her son’s sake since he would not find happiness in a marriage
where coercion was involved, she was also a woman–she knew that from the perspective of the bride,
being compelled to marry someone she did not love was misfortune too.

“I wish I could have a daughter–in–law who is kind and understanding, but most of all, loves you for
who you are. If you love her too, your marriage will last. That’s why I’ve been so worried.”

Her advice was heartfelt and sincere, and Harvey certainly understood

That was why he told her that the woman he loved was in Cloud City. He wanted to marry her there
before bringing her back to Sunny City, because he was afraid his mother would find out he was
coercing Irene into marrying him!

“Do you hear me?” Rosa’s tone became more severe as Harvey did not respond, and she gave him a

“Yes, Mom,” Harvey replied despite his reluctance.

“I won’t urge you to marry, but you have to find a woman so that there is mutual affection in your

Rosa was certainly a kind mother who was genuinely considerate toward her son

“I know,” Harvey said.

“I understand that your father’s passing was a huge blow, and you’ve been indulging yourself with vices
for a long while ever since, messing around with all sorts of women and doing outrageous things. I
understand that you did not mean to and was just avoiding grief to keep yourself jaded I saw that you
were pessimistic, but you slowly improved–you know that I have high hopes for you, right?”

As she tugged at Harvey’s hand, he lowered his gaze and murmured, “I know, Mom Let’s get you

Rosa nodded “I’ve been feeling a little ill lately Stay a whule with me”

She wanted to keep Harvey with her, so that he did not do anything dangerous.

While their encounter with the Jeffersons proved to just be a near shave, who could tell what would
happen next time?

She did not fear for herself–she worried that her son was in danger

“Harvey, you have to keep your father’s company standing after he entrusted it to you,” Rosa said,
telling him to focus on work just then

Harvey replied, “I know”

“Good I don’t want to have to worry about you”

“You won’t have to

It seemed that he would be staying home to care for his mother for a while, or she would really worry
about him.


His phone started ringing.

It was Enrique, his assistant. “Sir, Moneypenny was the one who took your mother.”

Harvey lowered his gaze. “I know.”

Back at Jefferson Manor, Henry asked Moneypenny to bring Tommy to him after Harvey left, his eyes
twinkling when he saw the child. “Don’t you think he looks just like Isaac when he was a child?”

“Yes,” Moneypenny answered with no hesitation.

“It’s uncanny!” Henry was basically certain then that Tommy was Isaac’s son, and the more he looked,
the more he was pleased to see his first great–grandchild.

He was old, and was naturally hopeful to have ankle-biters around him.

“Do we do a paternity test?” Moneypenny asked just then–the resemblance to Isaac was striking, and
could basically be confirmed from looking.

“Let’s do it to avoid any mistakes,” Henry replied.

“I will make the arrangements.” Moneypenny said.

Henry nodded.

Henry headed to the hospital, and had his bodyguard Timmy carry Tommy so that he could have ease
of mind, but he also kept a close eye!

They had the results under an hour, with Henry handing Moneypenny the report sheet. “Sir, here it is.”

Henry took it, and there was no mistaking it this time!

“He really is Isaac’s son!”

A man was approaching them, but froze right then, his expression changing in an instant!

He strode towards them regardless, greeting, “Grandfather.”

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