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The Runaway Groom Chapter 209

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Chapter 209

In the hospital, the doctor who had just performed the paternity test on Tommy had just put away his
phone when he found lan standing before him.

“Mr. Jeff-”

Before he could finish, lan had caught his collar. “Cut the crap. Tell me–why did my grandfather come
to the hospital today?”

“It’s a routine examination-”

“Do I look like an idiot?” lan growled with a menacing glare. “Say that again, I dare you”

The doctor was left shaking in his boots.

Henry had pressured him into silence, but the man before him was no pushover either–leaving him
treading on thin ice. “I would never dare.”

“So you do think I’m an idiot,” lan growled. “You think I wouldn’t know? If it’s a routine checkup, why
would my grandfather be here at the genealogical department? Also, this hospital has the DNA of every
Jefferson in case of emergencies. The only reason for using that would be for a paternity test for that
baby my grandfather brought, no?”

“That’s true, but I hadn’t heard of any paternity test..”

lan snorted and shoved him aside. “That is Isaac’s child!”

The doctor stumbled backward and slammed into a door, but as he straightened himself, he cried, “I
don’t know anything… Please don’t make life harder for lowly people like us…”

Still, he felt as if he had fallen into an abyss!

lan could already tell–Henry’s evasiveness and the doctor’s silence only pointed to the fact that
something fishy was going on.

Did they think they could hide it because they wanted to? Dream on!

He turned and left the hospital, a plan hatching in his mind.

Over at the Light Group office, Isaac Jefferson was working when he received a call from Irene’s
guards, saying that she was slamming the door and breaking things.

They had to call him because they did not dare to get too close.

Isaac promptly rushed to Rose Garden, and opened the bedroom door to find it a mess. Irene was lying
on the ground, still tied up and her hair a mess. Her shirt only covered her from waist up, baring her
long legs, and she looked up to glare at him when she sensed someone entering!

Isaac hurried toward her and picked her up off the ground.

Irene bellowed, “Untie me! Let me go!”

Isaac did not, and instead told her, “Calm down.”

Irene was speechless, her eyes bloodshot.

“Let me go!” She snarled every word from between her teeth.

She was too agitated, so Isaac had someone administer a sedative, only releasing her when she was

calm enough

“Isaac Jefferson!”

She suddenly leapt up at him and grabbed his neck, choking it.

Isaac was surprised by her strength, but simply allowed her to do it, landing on the floor after she
slammed into him.

“Are you going to kill me? Do you hate me that much?” he asked as he looked up at her.

Irene kept a vice–like grip over his neck regardless–her madness came from a dream of a beast
running off with Tommy, and she could not catch up even as her soles bled, and she had to watch as
the beast ate Tommy…

She was terrified, and had to find Harvey right then.

She must see Tommy safe, or she would die!

“I hate you! I’ll kill you right now, but I can’t let my child become a murderer’s child, or let people tell him
that his mother killed his father!”

Isaac’s heart skipped a beat, before suddenly pounding with excitement with the surprise. Even as his
spirits soared, he exclaimed, “W–What was that? Ouu child is still alive?!”

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