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The Runaway Groom Chapter 324

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Chapter 324

lan quickly clapped Quincy on the back to ease her breathing. “Come on, Mom. He’s just having a
lapse in judgment-he’ll come around.”

However, even if Greg were to break up with that woman right now, Quincy still felt sick to the stomach,

She was too prideful for something like this to happen to her.

But it had already happened, and there was nothing that she could do about it.

Taking deep breaths to calm herself as much as possible, she snapped, “Tell us! Who is that woman?!”

She was certainly eager to see whom she had lost to so utterly.


While Greg was feeling a little meek just then, his phone started ringing in his pocket.

As both Quincy and lan stared at him, Greg felt annoyed-it was as if he had committed a cardinal sin.
He was just having an affair, for goodness’ sake!

“Is it that big of a deal, when a man of my worth has a woman on the side?” he growled before leaving


While Quincy was left at a loss for words, lan was furious with Greg’s behavior as well!

However, he could not leave, since he was worried that Quincy would pass out with no one tending to
her. “Don’t worry, Mom. I’m on your side,” he said, giving her hand a squeeze.

He was her only hope now, and she held on tightly to his hand. “You have to do your best with Light
Group. That way, I would have one over your dad and don’t have to be given grief. That man really hurt

“I know,” lan said, trying his best to assure her.

Meanwhile, Greg headed to the staircase to answer his phone after leaving the ward.

“Didn’t I tell you not to call me unless it’s very important?” He growled, feeling very annoyed just then
because of the mess with Quincy.

Nonetheless, Kathy purred from the other end, “I’m pregnant, Greg… I have to tell you because you
already have a family, and you definitely wouldn’t want me to keep the baby. Don’t worry-I’m heading to
the hospital to get an abortion. I’m young, so I’ll recover soon enough…”

“What…?” Greg thought he was hearing things. “You’re pregnant?”

Before Kathy could answer, he barked, “Stop! Don’t get an abortion-no matter how young you are, an
abortion will hurt you. Don’t go to the hospital, just stay put. I’ll come to you!”

“Okay,” Kathy murmured.

After hanging up, Greg promptly dashed past Quincy’s ward without stopping, since he wanted to see
Kathy right away.

Quincy saw him, and her heart was left in pieces. “lan, find out who that woman is. I want to know
everything about her.”

“I’ll get somebody too-”

“Now!” Quincy snapped, cutting him short.

She was clearly not in control!

It was so obvious that Greg was bewitched, and she wanted to know who that witch was right away!

Ian had to do as he was told right then, and he was certainly efficient-he had been keeping tabs ever
since he caught Greg with Kathy at the mall, making things much easier.

And as he passed the dossier on Kathy to Quincy, Quincy’s eyes widened so much they could pop out
of their sockets!

Noticing that, lan asked, “Mom, do you know her?”

Quincy chortled icily. “Know her? Hah!”

“What do you mean?”

lan was left confused just then, but Quincy was not about to go into detail.

Getting off her bed, she growled, “I want to see her right now.”

lan did not stop her-it was obvious he could not anyway.

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