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The Runaway Groom Chapter 333

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Chapter 333

Isaac grinned even as he stared at his own phone.

Stan turned around just then and saw that, and asked in a nosy tone, “Was it something amusing, sir?”

Isaac’s expression turned serious instantly. “Interested?”

Spooked right then, Stan pursed his lips. “Not particularly,”

James almost laughed at his fearful reaction, and moved closer to ask him quietly, “Can’t you toughen
up a little?”

Stan rolled his eyes at him. “What, and talk tough to the boss? Why don’t you do it?”

“I won’t, but at least I won’t be as spineless as you were.”

Stan had no comeback, so he rolled his eyes at James again.

Meanwhile, Isaac was watching them. “Now isn’t the time to slip up. Keep a close eye on the

“Yes, sir, James replied, since he was the one in charge.

Meanwhile, Quincy’s arrest and Eastdawn’s bankruptcy directly brought to light the investment that
Light Group made on the latter.

The board was in an uproar the instant they found out, and promptly convened for another meeting.
However, although Henry was supposed to preside over it, he was taken ill from shock upon being told
about Greg’s near shave with death.

He was still in the hospital when they called the meeting, and so was not in the condition to do

That was why the meeting went on without anyone taking the chair–not even lan, who was silent amid
the cursing and abuse.

“Why would you invest in Eastdawn?! You know nothing about the field, but you still poured millions
into it and sold off two of our most profitable projects as well! The folly… Either way, you’re going to
have to make up for this!”

“Yeah! We thought you were a diamond in the rough, but it turns out that you’re just rough! The whole
company is now on the brink of collapse–if the investment into Eastdawn ends up destroying us, you’re
going down too!”

“To think we’d pick the likes of you…. We must’ve been blind. In the end, Isaac Jefferson is the one
who can lead any other Jefferson is just trash.”

lan, who was quiet all this while, shot the last shareholder a furious glare, his knuckles clenching.

The board member was not afraid of him at all, and promptly shot back, “What are you looking at? Did I
say anything wrong?”

lan smashed the glass on the side of this table right then. “Don’t you forget–I was CEO because you all
backed me. Even if the company is in a free fall right now, you all deserve just as much!”

With that, he stormed out, kicking the door wide open with a loud bang and leaving the board members
trading glances.

Soon, they were all scowling–lan was right, since they had all agreed to his mother’s recommendation
to promote him.

They were just as culpable for the current state of affairs.

“What if we spoke to Isaac? He just might be able to turn things around,” one of them suddenly

The room was quiet for a while after. “We toppled him mercilessly. He’s not going to be too keen to
help.” “But what can we do other than ask him? It’s obvious that there’s no Jefferson around who can
lead the company, let alone lan. Our numbers are a mess, and our capital chain might rupture soon…”

“Going to Isaac when we’re in trouble? When we didn’t think of the bonuses he raked in for us when
things were just fine? Everyone here has been ungrateful and disloyal, and I’ll be the first to admit that
I’m too ashamed to go to him. I never held that much shares anyway, and Light Group’s fate doesn’t
matter all that much to me. See you around.”

One of the board members simply got up and left.

However, while his shares were a minor amount, the others held much more significant cuts.

And once the capital chain ruptured, what good would their shares be?

What used to be pure gold was now a ticking time bomb.

“Does anyone know where Isaac lives?” One of them stood up just then. “We can go to him–together.”

The others were silent, seemingly considering the thought.

Nonetheless, that was when the door to the meeting room opened, and the entire board turned and
became spirited when they saw who it was!

All of them rose to their feet in respect!

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