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The Runaway Groom Chapter 347

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Chapter 347

After eating a few more mouthfuls, Irene took a shower before returning to their room.

It was pitch–black inside–none of the lights were on, and she had to use the dull glow of the moon to
see. Isaac was lying on his side, and she could not tell if he was asleep.

He was not reacting at all when she came in, and as she sat on the bed, she asked softly. “Are you

There was no response, so Irene slid underneath the blanket, lying down as she wrapped her hands
around his waist from behind. “I know you’re awake.”

His breathing was even, but she had a feeling that he was not asleep.

“I’ve been busy-”

Isaac suddenly turned around before she could finish, staring fixedly at her with his hawkish eyes in the

“Why didn’t you answer me if you’re awake?” Irene asked.

He still would not answer, but in the next instant, he had moved on top of her.

frene was too tired and appeared lethargic, so he asked, “No?”

Irene shook her head and explained, “No, I’m just…”

“Just what?” Isaac leaned in before she could answer, putting his lips over hers.

After their last conversation, it was obvious that they were both upset that they had other people in their
lives. Even so, they tried to act as if nothing happened, with Isaac being a total tsundere and refusing
to admit that he was jealous of Irene’s ‘upperclassman‘.

He bit her lips a little forcefully, but she did not resist although she was frowning in pain–she simply
thought he was venting.

“Bad day at work?” she asked softly.

Isaac did not respond. Instead, his hand simply unbuttoned her blouse, his fingers spread over her
beating heart as he growled overbearingly, “From now on, pretend that I’m the only one in here.”

Irene pursed her lips, but quietly murmured, “Okay.”

She did not tell him to do the same–to act as if she was the only one in his heart, because she did not
want to be disappointed.

Nonetheless, he was especially needy tonight, and being exhausted in the first place, she almost
passed out while her whole body ached.

Naturally, she overslept the next day.

Isaac had already woken up and left the bed, but she was exhausted and her legs were sore, and she
did not want to get out of her bed at all. However, all drowsiness left her when she checked her phone
and saw that it was already past nine.

She moved too quickly–or perhaps because last night had really been grilling, she almost fell, and had
to hold on to the nightstand to stop herself from falling.

She stood for a while to adjust herself and start moving again when the door suddenly opened.


“Who is it?!” she snapped, panickedly dropping back onto bed and sliding underneath the blanket,
because she was left naked after last night!

“It’s me,” Isaac said, entering and closing the door behind him.

She breathed a sigh of relief, but shot him with an unhappy look as she remembered what he did last
night. “I overslept. You could have woken me up.”

Still, he walked up to her and retorted, “I saw that you were exhausted, so I let you sleep in. Am I at
fault here?”

Irene knew that she could not win in an argument, so did not bother to fire back. “I’m already late. I
need to get dressed.”

With that, she got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Her body was covered in hickeys, each of which had not faded overnight.

The sight of the body that left him obsessed–from her stunning figure to her fair skin–made Isaac’s
gaze darken.

She had barely set a foot in the bathroom when a firm hand wrapped around her waist!

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