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The Runaway Groom Chapter 378

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Chapter 378

Stan was suddenly afraid to show it.

Harvey did not encrypt his computer because he probably did not expect it to be accessed by someone
else. He even kept it on his desk, which was why Stan did not even need to really have to hack

After getting the footage, however, Stan took a look at it himself beforehand and knew that Isaac would
definitely get upset after he saw it, and was suddenly unwilling to show it.

Stan suggested, “It could just be a misunderstanding, right?”

Isaac scowled right then–he might have accepted that if Stan had not said it, but now that he did, it
clearly meant that there was something fishy.

“Mrs. Watson,” he called out.

Mrs. Watson quickly hurried to him. “Yes, sir?”

“Take Tommy to his room.”


Mrs. Watson was usually carrying Tommy around anyway, so the baby was used to her touch.

After they left, Isaac turned back toward Stan. “Give it to me.”

Stan hesitated for a moment, and put the USB flash drive that he copied the files into on the table.

“I’ll get going if there’s nothing else,” he said.

Isaac shot him a look. “Are you really that scared?”

Stan quickly shook his head. “No… I have to keep an eye on Remy, don’t I? Oh, and there’s a video
conference at 4 p.m.”

“Got it,” Isaac said, picking up the USB flash drive.

Stan lowered his head, “Then… I shall get going?”

Isaac did not respond, but it was basically a silent approval.

With that, Stan left the mansion and heaved a sigh of relief after he did–he had somehow managed to

On the other hand, Isaac headed to his study and plugged the USB flash drive into a port as he sat
down, working nonchalantly to check its contents.

However, the photo Harvey had had all been processed, clipping selected moments. out of context.

For example, when Irene tripped Harvey and fell on top of him, she also vomited right in his face.

Harvey, however, only kept the part where she fell on top of him, because he wanted to use it to
provoke Isaac.

When Irene flipped out at him, however, Harvey did not send it to Isaac–but he was now watching
anyway, along with the clip of him catching Irene when she almost fell.

Without context, the angle itself made it look like an actual hug, and there was also the part where
Harvey carried her to his room.

Any man would definitely be uncomfortable seeing such physical intimacy between their woman with
any other man, let alone Isaac.

Naturally, he was furious, especially considering his pride.

He deleted the clips right after he watched them–he was certainly not going to keep it for posterity.

It would just make him angry.

He whipped out his phone and stared at it, thinking to himself that her heart was honestly made of
stone, leaving the mansion so quickly this morning without so much as a phone call.

Did she actually love him?

Rubbing the spot between his brow, he realized that Irene was all he could think about, which only left
him frustrated and powerless.

He wanted to call her, but his pride would not allow it.

After all, Irene was clearly in the wrong–she got drunk and got frisky with another man. She should be
apologizing, right?

Calling her would make him look desperate, would it not?

With that, he put down his phone.

Over at Melville Hospital, Irene left the operating room after another surgery and

checked her phone.

There were no missed calls or messages.

It left her a little annoyed. Even if Isaac was really angry at her, could he not reach out?

She bit her lip–she tried so hard to explain, but he refused to listen.

She then checked her schedule and saw that she had no surgeries planned, so she could leave work

Who knew? Isaac might have calmed down after a day.


Maybe she should relent and go home early to make him dinner, while explaining what had happened
last night.


Her phone started ringing, and she answered it to find that it was Ricky.

“I need to talk to you. What time are you leaving work?”

“Five,” Irene replied.

“I’ll be waiting at the entrance.”


Once it was five, Irene stepped out of the main entrance and immediately saw Ricky’s car.

“Get in,” he said as she walked up to him.

“Where are we going? I need to get home early. I’ll leave if it’s nothing important.”

“It’s important. Get in.”

Irene did so, and Ricky soon brought her to a luxury diner.

Irene asked, “Why did you bring me here?”

A deep voice spoke then. “I asked him to bring you here.” Irene turned toward the voice.

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