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The Runaway Groom Chapter 382

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Chapter 382

Irene was going to explain herself when Layla said, “She had a fight with her boyfriend. I saw them and
tried to help, so I let her in.”

Mick turned to level a sharp look at Irene. “Really?”

Irene nodded. “Yes. It was a coincidence…”

“You know her, Mick?”

As Layla glanced between Irene and Mick, Mick walked over to put a hand around her shoulder. “She’s
Stephen Carr’s apprentice. I saw her when I met him.”

Layla’s tone became even kinder just then. “You’re a doctor?”

“Yes,” Irene admitted.

Suddenly, Layla held her head and frowned as if in pain.

“Another headache?” Mick asked mildly.

Layla nodded.

“Let’s get you back inside for your meds.” Mick led Layla inside, then turned back to Irene and warned,
“I don’t like people who pry into my private affairs. I won’t play around if I find out that this wasn’t a

Irene said, “I’m not.”

“It’d better be!” Mick snapped before shutting the door.

Still, Irene could hear Layla from inside. “You didn’t have to be so loud. She’s just a girl.”

Mick replied, but his tone was soft. “I’m just worried about bad people.”

Irene was under the impression that Layla was being paranoid, but Mick’s reaction made her

It seemed that he was very paranoid about letting people get near Layla – but why? “Irene, Irene-”

Ricky poked his head out from behind a pillar just then, calling out to Irene.

Irene walked over and returned to their room with him, where he asked impatiently, ” So? Did you get

Irene shook her head. “Nope.”

“Then we came for nothing? The room was for nothing?” Ricky groaned. “Well, I’m hungry now–buy me
a nice dinner, Irene, since I just did you a solid.”

Irene glanced at her watch then. Seeing that it was already nine, she hurried outside. “Next time. I have
to get home now–it’s very late now.”

Ricky rolled his eyes. “I’m no longer useful, huh? Anyway, what about the room?”

“You can sleep there,” Irene replied and left.

Ricky stared at her, blinking, and decided that sleeping in a grand room like this was no loss–it would
be a waste if he did not enjoy himself here.

He threw himself on the bed, his limbs spread widely when he suddenly thought of Lulu. He thus
whipped out his phone to text her.

[What are you doing?]

He sent the text, and waited for a long while…

It was not until he almost fell asleep when his phone chimed, and he quickly checked


[Just left work.]

[This late?] Ricky quickly replied.

[Yeah. That’s my work–they call me in whenever.]

[Sounds hard. Have you had dinner yet?]


Ricky sighed then- they could have had dinner together if she were in the city.

[Me neither.]

[Go eat already.]

[If only we’re closer.]

Lulu sent an emoji of a dog rolling its eyes, and joked: [I will buy you a nice dinner if you come over.]

Ricky, however, became spirited right then. [Really?]


Ricky suddenly found sleeping in the presidential suit not that urgent. He promptly

ran out to the train station, buying the last ticket to Sunny City for the night, whereas Lulu threw her
phone aside to take a bath…

Meanwhile, Irene was rushing home, but entered to find nobody.

She was left dumbstruck–where was everyone?

“Mrs. Watson?” she called out, even as she checked the bedroom…

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Chapter 382

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