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The Runaway Groom By Hauling Treasures Chapter 409

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Chapter 409

As Isaac made his way towards Irene, her expression stiffened further, and her fingers dug further into


They were no strangers, but she was so nervous she could not speak.

She missed him so much too, but she wanted to run away as he approached.

“You’re going to leave your skirt wrinkled and unseemly if you keep creasing it,” Isaac said as he
reached her, and reached out to pry her fingers off her skirt.

Feeling the coolness of her fingertips, he asked softly, “Are you cold?”

Flustered, Irene nodded, and then shook her head.

Isaac smiled. “It’s not the first time you’re meeting me. Why are you so nervous? Anyone who didn’t
know better would think I’m bullying you.”

Irene lowered her gaze. “No… I’m just surprised you suddenly came back.”

Isaac lifted her chin and smiled faintly, “You pretty yourself so much. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

He was being so tender, and yet she felt that there was something between them.

“Come ib, let’s go in.” He lifted her hand and put it around his arm.

As Irene held on to him, she did her best to compose herself and sound normal. “Are you finished with

“Not really,” he replied–there were still things to be done.

Irene was left disappointed. Was he deliberately avoiding her?

It has been days since he left, but he was still busy

“Does that mean you’re going to leave again?” She tried to sound as calm as she could.

Isaac was silent for a moment. “I won’t leave if you don’t want me to.”

Irene pursed her lip–she did not want him to go, but this was about work.

There were times when she was busy with work too.

Moreover, there was still a rift between them, and keeping him with her would not change things back
to how they had been.

They both needed time–he needed it, to be precise.

Hence, flashing a bright smile as she kept all her reluctant bitterness restrained at a little corner of her
heart, she told him, “I understand that you have work to do, so you should go. I’ll always support you.”

Isaac held her gaze for seconds. “Not going to tell me to stay?”

“You’re making money for the family,” she joked. “I won’t have anything to waste if I make you stay.”

Isaac chuckled. “Becoming a gold digger, are we?”

Her bright, starry gaze was sparkling and clear as her eyes narrowed from her smile.

Her makeup fit her. Though she had a simple attractiveness without makeup, she appeared devilish


Reaching out to brush the dangling lock of hair behind her ear, he quietly said, “You look so beautiful

Irene smiled in earnest then–any woman would be flattered by their man.

Central Tower–the venue of the wedding–was grand and lively. The Slates and the Lindts carried
influence in Cloud City, and a strategic marriage between their children naturally drew equally important

Four staff members were standing at the register placed outside the front entrance, dressed in the
same. uniform as they welcomed every guest.

Since Isaac and Zachary were close, a wedding gift was unquestionably compulsory.

Irene had brought something as well, but decided against it since Isaac brought his. However, she was
not being petty, but since she was here with Isaac, giving two separate gifts would make it look like
they had separated.

The interior of the wedding hall was decorated with dreamy romance, and naturally grand–it made
obvious that both families regarded the wedding with great importance.

As Isaac led Irene to take a seat at a quiet corner, her phone rang, and she took it out to see that it was
a text from Ricky.

[Has the wedding begun?]

Irene was a little worried, remembering that he would be bringing Lulu. [Has Lulu arrived?]


Irene sighed.

[Not yet.]

[Okay. I’ll bring her in when it starts.]

[You can’t come in without an invitation.]

[We slipped in already, actually.]

Irene looked around her right then–they were hiding here already?!

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