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The Runaway Groom By Hauling Treasures Chapter 410

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Chapter 410

There were too many people in the wedding hall for Irene to track down Ricky.

“Mr. Jefferson.” Someone approached Isaac Jefferson when he noticed Isaac just then–Isaac did not
want to socialize, which was why he had brought Irene to a quiet corner in the wedding hall.

“I heard that you left Light Group, so Isaac would suffice now, I believe? Honestly, Light Group is now a
real mess, and after rumors swirled that lan Jefferson owes a mountain of debts, he was not heard
from since… but I’m sure you know if it’s true, don’t you?”

Everyone used to revere and feared Isaac in the business, because he was as swift as he was decisive
and merciless.

However, now that he left Light Group, there were those who believed that he was nothing–just like Mr.
Little here who would address him by his first name.

Moreover, after lan made such a serious blunder, the Jeffersons were no longer the dynasty from
before and were far from untouchable.

Isaac looked up coolly at Mr. Little right then and spoke with cool disdain. “Ask him yourself if you’re
that interested.”

“You’re his cousin, aren’t you? That’s why-”

“Mr. Jefferson.” A man in a well–tailored suit joined them just then.

Mr. Little looked up. When he saw that it was Mr. King, director Skyrock Productions, he promptly
smiled.” Oh, if it isn’t the man of the hour! Surely the internet celebrities under your label are making
you filthy rich, Mr. King?”

Mr. King chuckled. “More or less.”

“Now, now, there’s no need to be so humble. Everyone knows that Skyrock is the pioneer when it
comes to internet culture. With things advancing so much on that front, none of us could take a bite out
of your cake, let alone compete with you.” Mr. Little spoke with a note of irony.

After all, he was involved in the business of tangible goods, and with the economy deteriorating by the
year, businesses like his had to rely on internet celebrities to promote their products.

To make things worse, they would barely get a cut of the revenue, while the internet celebrities would
make off with the majority.

Mr. Little was certainly eager to negotiate a deal where the top–billed internet celebrities working under
Skyrock’s label promote his products, while retaining a sizable chunk of the revenue. “Would you be
free tonight to discuss the prospect of a partnership?”

“Sorry, but I’m busy.” Mr. King promptly refused, while walking up to Isaac and asking, “Will you be
coming. to the office, Mr. Jefferson? There’s something I would like to discuss.”

Isaac’s style had always been to never doubt his own, and to distance himself from those he doubted.

“It’s your call,” he simply said.

“Very well, sir,” Mr. King replied and sat down beside him.

Mr. Little was actually confused why Mr. King would show such deference to Isaac. After all, Mr. King
undoubtedly eclipsed Isaac in position and reputation. Why would he ask Isaac… for permission?

“Mr. King, are you partners with Isaac?” he asked.


Chapter 410

Mr. King gave him a look. “Nope.”

“Then, what…?”

“Mr. Jefferson owns Skyrock. Of course I would have to ask him when it comes to important decisions,”
Mr. King smiled.

Mr. Little’s smug expression stiffened in turn–Isaac owned Skyrock?

He still owned businesses after leaving Light Group?!

“Ah, Isaac.” An elderly man approached as well. He used to top rich lists, and still carried authority
despite being far past his prime, and everyone always showed their respects everywhere he went.

Naturally, he addressed Isaac by his first name because they were equals despite Isaac being younger,
and not out of rudeness.

“I heard that you’ve founded a company issuing venture capital. It wouldn’t be successful without
abundant riches, and that makes you the most accomplished amongst the young ‘uns.”

Isaac actually rose from his seat in respect, pouring the elderly gentleman a drink and sharing a toast

with him. “You flatter me, Mr. Townsend–but your accomplishment still stands tall.”

Old Mr. Townsend shook his head and waved him off. “Nah, I can barely stand as it is. The world is
now at the feet of you youngsters, while old people like us must make way.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Little was left dumbfounded.

Mr. Townsend was quite the character himself, but he was flattering Isaac to no end?

Did he miss something?

He asked gingerly, “Mr. Townsend, didn’t Isaac–I mean, didn’t Mr. Jefferson leave Light Group?” So
how did Isaac manage to build an investment company and take ownership of Skyrock?!

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