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The Runaway Groom By Hauling Treasures Chapter 419

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Chapter 419

It was Stephen Carr.

“Feeling better yet?” he asked.

Irene sat up. “Much better, Dr. Carr. Though, why are you here?”

“I was present when they brought you in,” Stephen replied. “I did the initial checkup, followed by the
Head of Gynecology…”

“Wait, do I have a gynecological disorder?”

No way… She knew her own body well enough.

“I was just losing sleep for a while, and a little tired from work. I’m not-”

“You might be pregnant,” Stephen said, cutting her short.

Irene did a double take. “What?”

She had been taking contraceptive pills. How could she get pregnant?

“There must be a mistake *

“Not if it’s the Head of Gynecology,” Stephen countered.

Irene was dumbstruck “No way.”

“You can check yourself if you don’t believe me,” Stephen said, holding her gaze. “It should work to
your benefit too, since it can ease tensions between you and Isaac.

Irene did not think so.

She and Isaac barely saw eye to eye with Tommy, and even after they finally started to develop a bond,
Yvaine’s death drove them apart again.

Isaac needed time. If he had to return because of another newborn, it meant that he was not doing it for
her, but rather, for the child.

Moreover, she did not want to push Isaac. She was willing to give him time instead of binding him with
the prospect of another child.

She did not want their relationship to be like that.

“I understand. Could I ask you for a favor?” Irene asked just then.

Stephen nodded. “Tell me.”

“Don’t let anyone know that I’m pregnant,” she said, holding his gaze.

“Of course,” Stephen replied. “My lips are sealed–I’ll speak with Gynecology as well. Now take a proper
rest, and you don’t have to come in for work tomorrow if you don’t think you can.”

“I’m fine,” Irene said, though she was spacing out a little already.

“Oh, right,” Stephen suddenly read. “Mick’s daughter took him back to Minerva.”

“He recovered already?” Irene asked offhandedly.

“No. There’s no way he can when he was so grievously hurt. I just sent him home early to spare him
from reprisals.”

Irene knows that Stephen was referring to Isaac, but did not offer any comment because she knew
what Yvaine thought about Mick.

“Now, rest. I’ll be going now, but call me if you need help with anything,” Stephen told her.

Irene nodded.

After Stephen left, Irene lay in bed for a long while, and took out her phone to call Mrs. Watson, “When
you come over, could you bring along the bottle of vitamin pills on my dressing table?”

“Of course.”

Hanging up and putting away her phone, Irene lay in bed.

Feeling a rush of messy emotions, she closed her eyes as she gently rested her hand on her belly.

Mrs. Watson arrived around an hour later with her food and the bottle of vitamins.

“I made chicken soup. Do drink some.”

Irene got up as Mrs. Watson served her a bowl of soup.

Mrs. Watson was a good cook as always, and the warm, steamy liquid whetted her appetite.

“I’ve also made some shrimp balls. Have some too.”

“Okay,” Irene replied.

Mrs. Watson then hesitated for a while, and asked, “Mr. Jefferson hasn’t been home for a while… Is
everything fine between you two?”

“Of course. He’s just busy with work, and his company’s headquarters is abroad. It’s not easy for him to
travel back and forth too,” she said.

Mrs. Watson nodded. “What about Tommy?”

“My mom will babysit him for the time being. I was worried that you’d be overwhelmed.”

“Oh, of course.” Mrs. Watson smiled. “It won’t do to keep traveling from home to here carrying him… I
can stay the night here too, since he is away.”

“You don’t have to,” Irene quickly said. “I’m fine on my own–my doctor said that it’s just fatigue.”

“Very well then.”

After Irene finished her food and Mrs. Watson cleaned up and left with the lunchboxes, she picked up

bottle of vitamins.

She poured out the pills–they were shaped just like the contraceptive pills she stowed inside, and the
scent was more or less the same as well.

However, after she took one, she noticed something unusual.

Contraceptive pills were usually bitter, and she always had to wash it down.

As she developed a habit of doing that, she did not notice that Isaac had swapped her pills.

Now that she took it, she felt a fruity taste instead of the usual bitterness.

She remembered that Isaac had previously formed a partnership with a pharmaceutical company, and
getting his hands on pills could not be easier.

It seemed that he really wanted a daughter, going that far.

As she laughed bitterly, her phone suddenly rang.


She picked it up… and saw that it was a call from Isaac!

“Hello?” she answered immediately.

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