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The Runaway Groom By Hauling Treasures Chapter 424

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Chapter 424

Irene watched as Ember passed the man a thick envelope and said, “You’d better keep your mouth shu

Her voice was lowered, but the threatening edge was clear.

The man was busy groping the envelope to feel its thickness and he grinned in satisfaction. “I won’t bre
athe a word–don’t worry.”

Ember then looked around, pressing her cap down even though she saw no one around them. “I’m goi
ng now. Don’t ever contact me.”

“Of course,” the man chuckled. “Still, if you want more banners hung, you can
contact me. Anyone loves making easy money.”

Ember did not refuse him. “Don’t worry–
I’ll call you if there’s more work to be done. The condition is that you keep your mouth
shut, and money will never be a problem.”

“My lips are sealed with industrial glue. Also, are you satisfied with my performance?”

Ember nodded her objective had certainly been achieved.

She was the one who hired this man to flash those banners at Central Tower just to pin the blame on L

That would drive a rift between Zachary and Lulu, while Mrs. Slate’s distaste of Lulu piled up.

The outcome was certainly ideal, and she could tell from their confrontation in the morning that Mrs. Sla
te could not have hated Lulu more.

No one would know she was behind the banners–it was her own wedding after all,

Who would suspect the innocent bride? If anything, they would suspect Zachary’s former flame.

“Alright. You know the middleman if you need a job done, right?” the man asked just then.

“Yeah,” Ember replied.

After all, they even avoided phone calls and wire transfer, so that they did not leave a paper trail.

Soon, the man counted his payment as he left with a satisfied grin.

Meanwhile, Irene was stunned by the discovery that Ember was behind the banners.

That was her own wedding… but she was willing to tarnish it just to frame Lulu?

Irene felt chills at the very thought that Ember was such a schemer!

To say that one should not judge her by her appearance was an understatement–her naive, doll–
like appearance was utterly deceiving!

She thought to herself then that if she ever encountered
Ember again, she was going to keep an extra eye on Ember.

Taking a moment to calm herself, she returned to the grocery store and bought a truckload of groceries.

When she returned to Spencer Mansion, she alighted with a giant bag, but there was no one inside eve
n as she carried it in.

She called Sheryl, who told her, “I’m taking a stroll with Tommy outside. We’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” Irene replied, and hung up.

She then sorted everything, putting the cold stuff in the freezer, and allocated some for a pot of oxtail


She put the ingredients in a pot and let it stew with minimum heat, while she took a nap on the living ro
om couch.

She then vaguely heard her phone ringing, and answered it.

When she heard Moneypenny’s voice, she rubbed her eyes, her head quickly clearing just then. “What
is it?”

“Mr. Jefferson is asking for you at the manor.”

Irene frowned. They still had the gall to summon her after they basically cut ties with Isaac?

Did they forget that she was his wife?

The cheek!

“Sorry, I’m busy with work.” She refused right away.

“I heard you’re on leave.”

Monepenny clearly tried the hospital earlier and knew that she was not at work.

Still, the prospect that he was checking on her left her heart skipping a beat.

Feeling even more repulsed just then, she said impassively, “I’m not working because I’m sick, so I can’t

“If you’re sick, Mr. Jefferson can send a car and someone to help.” Moneypenny appeared insistent on g

Doing it the hard way now, were they?

As such, she had to resort to name throwing.

“Whatever it is, you can take it up with Isaac,” she told him.

“You are Master Isaac’s wife and therefore a Jefferson. That is why you have a responsibility to be here…

Monepenny’s words left Irene fuming–it was the worst thing that ever came out of that man’s mouth!

“You insist that I am a Jefferson, but is this how you speak to your masters? If you want me to go, fine, b

With that, she hung up, and her irk had yet to subside when the doorbell rang.

Thinking that it might be Sheryl returning with Tommy, she went to answer it, but… “What are you doing

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