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The Runaway Groom By Hauling Treasures Chapter 447

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Chapter 447

Irene's call was soon answered. "Is there a problem? Why are you calling at this hour? It must be
midnight over there..."

Irene had been keeping contact with Stephen over the last six months, and he occasionally took photos
or videos of Tommy there.

In fact, he recently sent her a video of Tommy, but she was now calling him again, intent on asking for
more favors despite it although she would be asking too much.

But it was Tommy's birthday.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Stephen noticed her silence. "Like I said, I've already gathered the
stuff you left on your desk."

Stephen did not dare to tell her the truth. Knowing that she would get worried, he decided to just tell her
that she took everything- she was not going to find out from over there anyway.

Irene said softly, "I know, but that's not what I'm asking about. It's my son's birthday...”

"It took me over a month to get that video for you," Stephen told her.

It was certainly difficult for Stephen to reach Tommy, what with Sheryl and Mrs. Watson watching, as
well as the bodyguards keeping watch.

"I won't impose, then,” Irene said, understanding his point.

Stephen realized then that he was a little harsh, and sighed. "Sorry, I've just retired and I'm not in a
pleasant mood. I shouldn't have thought like that.”

"But you're not at the age to retire," Irene pointed out.

Stephen wondered if he could tell her right then that it was all because of Isaac.

All the merit and honors he earned over his career was all gone now.

The man was certainly as ruthless as he was unforgiving!

Irene seemed to pick up on what he was thinking, too. "Is Isaac harassing you because he found out?”

“No, I'm just getting tired. I could use the time to spend with my family too, " Stephen said, but even the
look on his face said otherwise.

He appeared haggard, since his life's work was gone in a snap.

Nonetheless, he changed the subject and asked, "How are things over there?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, and work is going smoothly too,” Irene replied. "I'll have my papers published next
month too.”

‘TH make sure to read it," Stephen told her-he had been keeping a constant eye on her.

It had just been six months, but Irene had improved and enriched her knowledge so much he could
barely keep up.

After a few more exchanges, they hung up, and Irene lay in bed, watching the video Stpehen sent her

It was a video of Isaac alighting from a car with Tommy in his arms.

It was just a split second, but the video clearly captured Isaac's towering figure and his chiseled face.

He was still his mesmerizing self in the months they had been apart.

Tommy was content with staying in his arms, and was grinning broadly.

lrene smiled as well-her baby was doing fine with Isaac.

Putting away her phone, she looked outside the window as faint moonlight spilled in, illuminating her

The clear illumination over the wrinkled, scarlet burn scars on her right cheek was exceedingly

As she slowly closed her eyes, a crystalline tear trickled off the corner of her eye and disappeared in
her pillow.

Mick arrived when lrene was going to leave her apartment in the morning, asking, "Would you be home

She had been spending most of her time at work in Mead Clinic and always returned home late.

In fact, he did not get to see her much at all.

Irene did not answer directly, and instead asked, "What is it?”

Mick hesitated before saying, "I have a favor to ask-just a month ago, I managed to secure seats for
myself and Erin at an auction, but she had to go abroad and I don't have a suitable replacement...”

"Can't you go alone?" Irene asked.

"No," Mick said. "I wont be allowed in if I go alone.”

"I might be busy..."

"I know you're not. You just don't want to leave the house,” Mick said, exposing her right then.

Irene took off her mask then, revealing the burn scars on her face and held his gaze. “Don't think I'm
the right person for that.”

"You can wear a mask,” Mick pointed out.

Seeing that he was insistent, Irene had to agree to it. "Alright."

Mick smiled then. "I'll pick you up after work when it's time."


The day passed quickly and Mick was already waiting when Irene stepped out of the hospital.

He lowered the window and beckoned. "Over here."

Irene got in and they headed straight to the auction center.

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