Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 475

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Irene asked, ‘Who is it?” “One of your patients,” the hospital chief said, before adding seriously,” He's
now a shareholder of our hospital, so try not to get on the wrong side of him. It might complicate your

She had a patient who was also a shareholder of Mead Clinic?


She quickly realized that it might be Isaac.

He acquired Mead Clinic shares? Already?

Still, it was only Isaac who had such ability among all his patients, especially when it came to tussling
with the likes of the Raideens.

"He's in the same ward as last time. Go on.”

Irene became even surer then. “Okay.”

Once she stepped out, she headed straight for the washroom to quickly put on makeup. She had
presumed that she would see him in the evening again, so she forgot to put on her exaggerated
makeup in the morning.

Fortunately, she had everything prepared in her bag.

Ten minutes later, she headed to the ward.

To no surprise, Isaac was standing near the window and turned around when he heard the door open.

"You were asking for me, Mr. Jefferson? Do you have questions?" she asked as she stood calmly by
the door.

Isaac stayed silent, because he was actually surprised that an ugly woman like her did not incur his

‘What did you do to me last night?"

Did she really help him sleep just by giving him a massage? He even dreamed of Irene so vividly too...

Her scent, her warmth...

Irene was puzzled-he was just dreaming, was he not?He was not supposed to know that she kissed

She calmed herself then and said, “I gave a massage to help you fall asleep. IV

"Really?" Isaac appeared skeptical and tried to test her. "I know what you did.”

"And I did it because it is necessary for your treatment. You can believe in our professionalism,” Irene
replied with composure. She was not flustered at all-she more or less understood him after being with
him for so long.

He would have gone on a rampage already if he knew that she kissed him, and not just ask questions.

Isaac narrowed his eyes in turn-she was smart despite her hideous looks.

"You're good,” he said. "Tonight, same time, same room.”

"I'll be there,” Irene replied.

Isaac gave her a look and said, "You may go.”

As lrene stepped out, James-who was waiting outside-quickly went in after she left.

"Mr. Jefferson? Do you suspect something?" He asked.

Isaac certainly had the feeling that there was something unusual about Irene, but could not begin to
wonder why he would suspect such a hideous- looking woman like her.

He had nothing specific to go on, too... aside from this weird feeling he had.

‘Set up a camera in my room." He was interested in seeing what massage she would give him tonight.

"Sir, what..." James's voice trailed off as he came to a realization. “Alright, I'll get it done.”

Irene just happened to double back outside.

She had brought some ointment for James for his black eye and overheard Isaac telling James to put a
camera in his room.

To keep an eye on her, presumably...She certainly had to concede that Isaac was very wary.She left,
then pretended to be walking to Isaac’s ward again as James opened the door.

He frowned when he saw her, but she flashed a calm smile and said, "I noticed that bruise on your eye
when I stepped out-here, I brought you an ointment for it.”

James kept staring at her, worried that she overheard his conversation with Isaac. "Did you just come

‘Yeah, why?" She kept smiling.

James took the ointment. “It's nothing-was just asking. Thanks."

"It's fine. The ointment is charged to Mr. Jefferson's bill anyway," she said and turned to leave.

James was left speechless.He thought that she was showing him concern, and yet...

Whatever. Being showered with concern from an ugly woman anyway was nothing to be pleased about

In the evening, Irene arrived at Olston Hotel as agreed.

After taking the elevator up to Room 907, she heard a familiar voice and walked over to find a door
hanging ajar.

She pushed it open a little and peeked in through the gap when she saw them...

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