Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 483

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It was hell on earth.She saw a woman with dreadlocks whose skin was as dark as coal.She looked just
like a hippopotamus, but she was only dressed in a pink tank top that was as thin as a feather.

For some reason or another, Harvey was lying still as she straddled him, looking like he would rather
be dead.

It was too stimulating a scene for Irene, so she quickly turned around, and found James had appeared
behind her without her notice.

"Dr.Tanner.Were you looking for Harvey?"

"Yes," she calmly replied.

"He's a patient, so I was just checking on him..."

"How dutiful of you," James growled with contempt.

Not sure why she deserved that, Irene pointed out, "I had been dutiful when I treated Mr.Jefferson as
well.Is there anything that you find unsatisfactory, Mr.Cross?"

"You know very well what you've done, so drop the pretenses.We're only targeting Harvey and sparing
you because you're so ugly, and there won't be a place for you anywhere if you're firedCount your

Irene was speechless and even more confused now! Meanwhile, James continued with a look of

"Anyway, Harvey's exploits would soon be known in Zidonia.Let's see if he can hold his head high
when he returns!"

Irene thought she knew what was happening but not really.

Still, she started to leave, since there was no way she could discuss anything with Harvey now.

As she got in the elevator and pressed the button to go downstairs, James put a hand between the
elevator doors just as they were about to close.

Irene stood aside for him, and he kept his eyes forward.

"How much did Harvey pay you?"

While Irene was left confused, he continued.

"Don't pretend.Harvey himself came clean that he paid you to harass Mr.Jefferson, and we're just
repaying a favor.That woman we found is certainly uglier than you, and she's pinning him in bed all by
herself while everyone watches..."

Irene flinched—so Harvey did not lose his mind, and was not having a sudden impulse for
exhibitionism...It was Isaac's payback.He did not have to lie to Isaac, like that, however...He knew
Isaac was no angel, too, and played with fire anyway...


There was nothing to say now that things had come to this.

There was a jingle just before the elevator stopped, and Irene got out first.

James followed, but turned toward the front desk to check out.

Irene heard him and stopped.

"You're leaving, Mr.Cross?"

James ignored her—he felt earnestly repulsed since learning that Harvey had hired her.

Still, Irene did not say anything as she turned to leave.

That was when a woman wobbled her way through the entrance, and Irene saw that it was Erin

Irene also smelled a heavy scent of alcohol as Erin walked past her, and it was obvious that Erin was
very drunk.

Arriving at the front desk, Erin slammed her purse on the counter and snapped, "Give me a room."

James frowned when he saw her.

'What are you doing here?"

Isaac had already spoken to Mick Gooding, did he not? She should not be showing up around them
after that...

"James Cross."

Erin narrowed her eyes as she hiccuped.

"Happy now?"

"As long as you're not bugging me," James said shortly.

Erin suddenly sprawled herself over the marble counter, blinking and then started to bawl in the next


James cowled.

"What are you doing?"

"It's all because of you! You did this to me! Urgh..."

Her cries were loud and drew a lot of attention, leaving James flustered, "Stop it—people will
misunderstand.What did I do to you anyway?"

"You asked Isaac to talk with my father! I didn't want to know the truth...Urgh..."

"What truth?" James pressed.

Was there something he did not know?

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