Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 485

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Perhaps Erin was really drunk—or just trying to vent the grief from learning of her true roots—but she
was not backing down at all.

James was panting as she clung on to him, but he was still rational, and thus hesitant to take things to
the next level.

His eyes a little red, he growled, "Do you consent?"

He had already torn open her blouse.

Even so, Erin was still latched to him.

There was no telling if she heard him or if she was just sick from all the alcohol, but she pressed her
face against his chest and moaned, "Uh-hmm..."

Her response was no different from throwing oil to fire.

Unable to stop himself, James pinned her beneath himself...

An hour later, James got dressed and strode outside—there was just ten minutes until his flight, and he
was late although he drove at top speed to the airport.

Isaac was already waiting when he hurried into the plane and almost lost his patience.

"I was held up..."

James tried to explain.

Still, as Isaac looked up, he saw that James's collar was wrinkled and wide open, and the hickey on his
neck was as clear as it was fresh.

Anyone experienced enough would know how that happened, and Isaac calmly turned away.

"When did it start?"


James blinked.

When did what start? He then seemed to understand and straightened his collar.

"...It's not like that."

He himself was surprised.He would not be messing around if she really was Isaac's half- sister.

Now that it was no concern...

If anything, it just amounted to a fling anyway.

As a fellow man who could understand, Isaac said nothing in response and directed the pilots to take

When Isaac reached home, he found Tommy playing in the living room.

All the furniture there had been covered in soft latex so that the baby would not hurt himself if he
knocked into it.

He was standing barefooted on the carpet, playing with a toy dog and mumbling, "Pah-pah...Pah-

Isaac was at the doorway when he heard his son.

His eyes darkened as he walked toward Tommy, and he called out softly, "Tommy."

Tommy turned around, the toy still in his hand, but quickly threw it away when he saw that it was Isaac,
and ran toward him.

"Pah- pah..."

Tommy was walking steadily now and did not need assistance, and his vocabulary had increased as
well, to include words like eat, sleep, and the like.

As Isaac scooped him up in his arms, he grinned, baring a row of little white teeth before rubbing his
head against Isaac's chest.

"welcome home,"

Sheryl Harris arrived in the living room, having heard him return.

"I'll get a bath ready —dinner will be ready soon.

"Okay," Isaac said.

"Has Tommy been good?"

Sheryl lowered her gaze.


However, the baby had been calling 'Mah-mah', be it when he was asleep or in Sheryl's arms.

She avoided telling Isaac, however, so that no one would feel miserable.

Still, Isaac seemed to pick up on it.

Changing the subject, he said, "I've bought a place in Franconia.We can move there once it's finished."

"We're moving abroad?"

Sheryl exclaimed in surprise—she did not know the language and would definitely not get used to life
over there.

"I'll arrange for other servants.You just have to take care of Tommy over there."

Isaac had found that there was no one as diligent in caring for Tommy as Tommy's own grandmother,
and he could have ease of mind as he left Tommy at home.

Since Remy headquarters was in Franconia, he would not have to keep flying over there too.

"If that's what you think is best," Sheryl said—she did not want to go abroad, but she would work hard
to overcome the language barrier for the sake of her only grandson.

After that, Isaac returned to his room to take a bath, the warm water washing off his weariness.He
stepped out, his bathrobe loosely draped over his body—there were still droplets on his bare skin.

He walked toward his bed as he dried his hair, having put the clothes he was going to wear there.


His phone suddenly vibrated, and he picked it up to find a text from an unidentified number.He tapped
on it.

[Irene Spencer is alive.I know where she is.]' .

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