Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 513

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Harvey took one step back when he saw the other man, not because he was superior, but because
Harvey himself had no backup.He was also confused.

Why did James Cross show up out of the blue? They were in the middle of a highway! Just as he
wondered, however, he noticed Irene, who was still in Isaac's car, but with a phone in her hand.

Did she call James? He asked her as much, actually a little doubtful that it was her.

Irene did not deny it, however.She was worried when she saw Harvey—and actually felt concerned for
him instead of Isaac.

After all, Harvey had never come out on top in every bout he faced Isaac.

It naturally left her worried, so she called James with Isaac's phone, which Isaac had left in his car.

However, she called James not so that he would help Isaac beat up Harvey, but to discourage him from
actual fisticuffs.

Looking Harvey in the eye, she said, "I'm doing this for your own good."

Harvey was speechless for a while, his brow creasing.

"Why do I feel otherwise? Like you're conspiring with Isaac to do me dirty?"

Irene stared at him for heartbeats and decided to give up.

"Then fight all you want."

She was doing it out of goodwill, but she had no obligation to waste her breath if he did not see it that

Harvey was left speechless again.

Was she telling him to fight two other men at once? Did he stand a chance? Certainly not! It was a trap,
after all! He had always believed that he was good to her, treating her as a friend while wooing him.

But it seemed that she did not care!

"Fine.I won't forget this."

He turned and strode toward his car, feeling spite toward Irene for being so callous toward himself.No
matter what he did for her, she somehow could act as if it never happened.

Irene never sensed the oddness with Harvey—she did not have the time to, not when she was
overwhelmed with worry for Lulu.

Being pregnant kept her from sparing much attention to anything else either, but this was the one
negligence that turned Harvey to hate her...and to eventually do what he did in relation! Irene was
standing by the door, a myriad of emotions jumping in her.

"I'll go in with you," Isaac said.

"Yeah," she replied softly and a little hoarsely.

She could not bear to face her own mother and child.

The door opened.

In the living room, Sheryl Harris was trying to feed Tommy, but the toddler kept plucking the little spoon
from her to eat on her own.

Naturally, Sheryl was coaxing him, saying, "Be a good boy, Tommy.I'll—"


Tommy spotted the door opening just then, and he ran toward Isaac with his little feet.

His pronunciation of 'papa' was now clear too, unlike the babble of ‘pah-pah' from before.

Sheryl was still holding Tommy's bowl when she turned toward them, and froze when she saw the
person standing with Isaac.

The bowl slipped off her grapes and shattered with a loud clang, quickly pulling her back to her senses.

"I-Irene? Is it really you?"

Her voice was quivering with disbelief, and yet she was hopeful that what she was seeing was real...

Irene walked over and hugged her.


Being called 'mom' left Sheryl's eyes welling with tears, and she smacked Irene on the back.

"What is this?! I thought you were..."

"I’m sorry."

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