Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 522

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"The director doesn't actually know..."

Before Tobey could finish, Stephen had already cut him short. "You're the deputy director, but you're
saying that you don't have the director's approval to publish that paper? Do you take US for idiots?"

"No, you misunderstand-what I meant was that the director does not know about the data," Tobey
admitted. "He's at the age where he should retire soon, whereas I must contribute if I want to be

"So you published the data and tried to pass it off as your own?!"

Stephen's hands were clenched into fists-Irene had trusted him so much and handed him something so

However, it was his own inability to find the right people that her effort went to waste, and now, she was
in danger.

"Did you think you were going to make it just because you did this? I'll talk to the director and tell him
the truth!"

Stephen was beside himself with rage at Tobey's betrayal and continued, saying, "I trusted you-handed
you something so monumental on a silver platter, only for you to claim it for yourself! You could have
done it while benefiting everyone, but you didn't, did you? You don't deserve to be a director, not with
your character and attitude!”

Tobey had been touted by everyone in Hotmesh to be the next director thanks to the publication of the
academic papers, and he would be promoted once the director retired.

If Stephen spoke with the director, however, Tobey's career would be over instead.

“Look, I'm sorry about this, Stephen-"

“Do you really think an apology cuts it now?!" James snapped.

After learning the whole story, he only felt anger and disappointment toward his fellow Zidonians.

All they cared about was prestige and profit, and they were so shortsighted they never wondered about
potential repercussions.

He certainly felt bad for Irene for going through such great lengths to steal the research data, hoping
that she can help Zidonian’s medical scene develop, only for one man's selfishness to ruin it all.

Tobey Kitsch deserved nothing!

But even James had to wait for Isaac's approval to destroy him!

"Mr. Jefferson.” Tobey quickly tried to salvage the situation. "I understand that I've made a mistake. I'll
definitely make it up to you-"

"Make it up to him?" Stephen cut him short right then. “How?! We're facing a crisis because of you! Do
you think a few nice words will get you off the hook?!"

His rage was as terrible as Isaac's, and he was certainly convinced that Isaac would not be merciful to
a man as short-sighted and as greedy as Tobey. If he ever became director, Hotmesh Research would
fall apart under his leadership!

While Isaac had no time to keep listening to their argument, Stephen was right about one thing-he was
not going to let Tobey become director.

"James, set up a meeting with Hotmesh's director," Isaac said and strode out of the room.

He then paused at the doorway, turned around, and looked between Stephen and Tobey. Stephen
promptly made his standpoint clear, saying,’ I'm culpable for this mess too, but I'll willingly take any
punishment coming.

He actually felt guilty toward Irene for putting her in harm's way.

If Isaac wanted his head, it was his just deserts.He could not help shooting Tobey a glare just then,
knowing that it was all because of him.

Stephen's attitude was the right one, and since he did not mean it, Isaac forgave him despite his

Tobey, however, was still trying to weasel his way out of trouble. "I can make up for this some other
way! Please-"

"You?" Isaac scoffed. "Make up for this?"

Tobey panicked. "Look, I know I made a mistake, but please just look over this one time-"

Isaac's lips curled into a cold, dark grin. "If I spared you, I'd be doing a disservice to every other person
who has what it takes to become director, and the research data Irene risked herself to bring here,
don't you think?"

Tobey was still trying to speak up, but Stephen could not bear to listen to another word.

He stepped up, clasping a hand over Tobey's mouth. "Just shut up, hypocrite-stop wasting Isaac's time.
Know this-you're never going to become a director for the rest of your life. Even if Isaac won't talk to
your director, I'll make your scandal known to the whole world."

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