Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 528

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Debbie had a diamond necklace around her neck-the very same necklace Isaac told James to bring.

‘What are you doing?" James frowned.

Startled, Debbie quickly turned away, clearly flustered by James's sudden appearance.

Even as she struggled to explain herself, James strode in and saw that the entire set of diamond
jewelry in the red velvet box had clearly been touched.

He did not need imagination to know that it was all Debbie.

‘This set of jewelry costs a fortune, but Mr. Jefferson procured it by coincidence and has always kept it
in his safe. I was just coming to get it for Irene Spencer-how could you put it on yourself?”

James always thought that Debbie was competent and experienced, and yet...

Finally composing herself, Debbie replied, ‘Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Complain all you want-1
just couldn't resist it."

She had no other explanation since she was caught red-handed and her only option was to avoid
embarrassing herself further.

James stared at her for seconds, exhaled audibly, and said, “Put it back now."

She did so immediately, while James shut the box and sighed. "Mr.

Jefferson was prepared to marry Ms. Spencer, but something came up again. I might be heading to
Minerva, so call me if anything comes up over here."

Debbie was naturally dying from jealousy to find out that Irene was alive and returned to Isaac, but she
would never show it because Irene had somehow caught on to her schemes already.

If she wanted to keep her job as Isaac's secretary, she must keep her lust for Isaac hidden in the
depths of her heart and not let it show at all... or the days of her easy life would be numbered.

‘Okay... Wait, why is Ms. Spencer returning to Minerva already?” Debbie asked.

"There's a situation,” James replied.

“ Mr. Jefferson has to be there for her too." Debbie felt an inward thrill. "Is she in trouble?”

"Yeah," James said, though he noticed her fidgeting and studied her. "What is this schadenfreude I've
been sensing from you for a while now?’

"What are you talking about?!” Debbie snapped, pretending to pout just then. “What do you take me
for? Am I really that kind of person to you, after all the years we worked together? Yeah, you caught me
when I got a little too eager, but so what?"

She added a grumble toward the end, because she knew that would quell James's suspicion.

Moreover, he was just here for the diamonds, and since they needed Debbie to hold the fort, he did not
press the issue in spite of his doubts.

‘I get it. Ladies always go for the sparkly stuff,” he assured her. "I might be leaving today. Again, call me
if anything happens here.”

"Don't worry, I will.” Debbie smiled.

James gave her a look and then turned to leave the conference room without a word.

However, his expression darkened as soon as he turned away, because he realized that she was being

Nonetheless, he left the building after putting the diamonds in the safe inside Isaac's office.

But with him and Isaac gone, Debbie was basically in charge now.

She stood before the glass panels, scowling as she watched James leave in his car.

She had been discreet for so long, but now that James noticed, she has to come up with something.

James might not show it, but she could tell that James had changed his opinion toward her already,
and it would complicate things if she wanted to stay with Isaac.

There was a flicker in her eyes as an idea came to mind...

Over at Minerva, Mead Clinic officials interrogated Irene as soon as she was brought back.

With solid evidence of her theft of their research data and her having no way to escape the
accusations, a lawsuit was filed against her for breach of trust and causing monumental loss to the

But since it was not just Mead Clinic being affected, the Minervan government got involved as well.

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