Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 588

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Peter's pupils dilated as he read the news post. "What... How?!1

But that was not all—the families of the deceased had now come forward, demanding justice for the
dead. The old workers who used to be employed at the factory were also testifying that the factory had
no fire safety measures as well, even stating the model numbers of the factory equipment used-all of
which were prohibited for violating safety regulations.

And it was only gaining further traction now.

"It seems that Tim Goldman doesn't just want money... He wants me dead too!" Peter growled, his gaze
darkening as his hands clenched into fists.

There was no way he would take this lying down.

He whipped out his phone to make calls to the press, intent on paying them to take down the news

What he did not know, however, was that Zachary Slate was working with Tim, and they were offering
the press double-even triple-of what Peter would pay them.

As such, there was simply nothing Peter could do to enforce a press gag- no media outlet was willing to
help at all.

However, he knew that as the news kept circulating, it would cause enough of a stir and lead to a

And when that happened...

Overwhelmed by the monumental pressure, he collapsed again.

Seeing the direness of his situation, Ember ignored her father’s instructions and went to Zachary,
hoping that he would help.

As she hurried to Zachary's office building, he agreed to see her, more or less aware why she was
looking for him.

"Did you see the news, Zachary?’ she asked the instant she saw him.

It was only natural that Zachary knew since he was the one behind everything, but he still played dumb.
"What news?’

Ember naively showed him her phone, unaware that Zachary was not the person she knew before.

The kind, compassionate man whom she had coerced and conspired against was now cold and

Zachary pretended to read the news and feigned surprise as well.

"You have to help me." Ember tugged on his sleeve.

"Calm down,” Zachary assured her. "Of course I will."

Ember happily threw herself into his arms at that. "Oh! Thank you, Zachary!”

There was only cold disdain on Zachary's face, but he passed it off as if he was reading the news. "Is
everything they say true?"

It was a lie to lure Ember, though she was quick-witted enough to reply, ’Of course it's a lie. My dad
would never do that."

"Ember, you have to be honest here," Zachary told her. "I'm not going to be of help if you lie to me, and
we're already married. Shouldn't we at least trust each other? Don't you trust me?"

Ember looked up into his eyes. "I..."

She thought about her options.

Her father could not make any decisions right now, so she had to pin her hopes on Zachary anyway.

Moreover, she had grown to trust Zachary because he had been coming home punctually these days
and slept on the same bed as she did.

Most importantly, he apologized for losing his temper with her and her family.

He must want to get along with her now!

However, she had no idea that this was all part of Zachary's plan-the drugs he had been feeding her to
confess everything would wipe her memories soon after.

"If you don't want to tell me, then forget it,” he said, as if not wanting to trouble her. "I'll look into this
myself and find a solution.’

Seeing that he was compromising as much as he could, Ember naturally spilled the beans. “Actually,
everything they say is true, but it's in the past and it's supposed to stay buried. But someone who
means harm exposed it, and it won't do if this gets out of hand-you have to think of a way to silence the

Zachary's lips curled up lightly in disdain and his gaze turned dark. “Okay, I will.”

He had recorded every word Ember just said, including her admitting that everything on the news was

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