Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 612

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When Irene regained her freedom, she did not get off Isaac right away. Instead, she leaned in, holding
his head firmly and biting down viciously on his lip!

Isaac frowned slightly but did not resist, even watching her lovingly.

Still, lrene soon released him because she could taste blood. She said,” Don't push me like that ever

"Sure." Isaac smiled.

Irene was just about to get off him when she slipped and landed on him again.

Mrs. Watson happened to arrive just then.

Catching them in the act, she quickly closed her eyes, turning around while giggling, "It's alright, you
can continue. I saw nothing."

With that, she fled, as if fearful she would be a third-wheeler!

Irene was left speechless even as her cheeks burned.

Mrs. Watson must have misunderstood. This was just so embarrassing!

Shooting Isaac a glare, she snapped, "This is all your fault.”

Isaac pursed his lips to hide a smile. "We're married. They were too, so they would understand."

Irene shot him a vicious glare before returning to their bedroom, whereas Isaac stayed to finish his
food, checking on Tommy in his room before going to Irene.

Ever since her face was scarred, she would always wear a scarf to hide her face and neck.

On the way to visit James, Irene asked him, "I saw the news about the fire. Won't the police investigate
the deaths?”

"I've already arranged for scapegoats.”

That said, those two thugs deserved it.

Isaac naturally did a background check on them, and they had quite the long list of criminal records that
included robbery, street violence, and rape. They should have been punished far earlier.

Irene nodded-she did not ask in the house because she did not want Sheryl to find out.

Either way, she was relieved now that Isaac had tied up loose ends.

Soon, they arrived at the hospital.

James could already get out of bed and walk around.

He had not actually been in a vegetative state for that long, and Erin Gooding's meticulous care
allowed him to recover quickly!

He was in the middle of rehabilitation when the door opened.

He turned, expecting Irene, but saw that it was Isaac and Irene instead.

Quickly walking up to them, he asked, "Hey, what are you doing here?"

To check on you. Are you feeling better?” Irene asked.

“I'm alright now. I was just thinking about getting discharged today as well," James said, looking at
Irene as he added gratefully,

"I must thank you for transferring me here-I heard Zachary saying that you're the one who told him to
hide me, or Debbie might really have killed me.”

He heard about what Debbie did from Zachary as well, but he blamed himself regardless. "It's my fault-l
was a poor judge of character, and sent her to Mr. Jefferson's side anyway."

"It is," Isaac said. "Be more careful from now on."

James replied solemnly. "Won't happen ever again.”

"Either way, you're better now-I'll see you at work," Isaac said flatly.

He was actually happy that James had recovered despite his neutral expression. He just did not like to
show it!

Still, James could see that, having worked for Isaac for so long, and he chuckled.

‘I will come in today.”

"What about me?" Erin asked from the doorway.

James had made up his mind to date her. Even if she was adopted and not actually Yvaine Lynd’s
biological daughter, he still believed that he should discuss it with Isaac.

Beckoning Erin to him, he said, "Mr. Jefferson, Erin here has been caring for me ever since I was in a
coma. Do I have your permission to be in a relationship with her?"

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