Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 623

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James was caught off guard, and Harvey’s punch hit him from behind.

Furious, he wheeled on Harvey and grabbed him by the collar, his fist poised to strike. "You think I
wouldn't dare?!”

Harvey was furious too. "Fuck off! You're the one who drugged me and tied me up! Are you expecting
me to thank you for that?!”

James laughed icily. "You’re welcome!"

"Piece of shit!” Harvey lost his temper right then, and they wrestled, neither of them letting up even as
bruises covered their faces.

They finally stopped when Harvey's baby started crying, and he wiped his lips while glaring at James.
"This isn't over yet.”

"Is that so? And what are you going to do about it?” James leveled him a cool stare. "I don't think you
even have the balls.”

With that, he strode out of the hotel room while Harvey hurried to the bed, scooping the baby up in his

The baby was crying rather violently-he must be hungry.

Harvey then untied Heather King to let her feed the baby, but she shot Harvey a glare even as she took
the baby off his hands.

"That's your son, you know. Are you not upset that they took him away for so long? Aren't you going to
do something?”

Harvey simply settled into the couch in silence.

In reality, he came just to show Isaac and Irene his child to arouse their suspicion.

It was obvious that they gave up once they realized that the baby was not theirs, and the same thought
would stop them from investigating him- even if they managed to trace something back to him.

As for him...

He narrowed his eyes, his lips curling up in an icy smile.

He really doubted that he would keep losing to Isaac.He would beat Isaac at least once and make Irene
regret messing with him!

"Don't bother. Just raise him well-you should know your place after I gave you more than what you
deserve. Remember your roots, and you'd understand that, so don't bother with my business and stick
to your own."

There was a cautioning edge in Harvey's voice, and Heather lowered her gaze right then.

After all, she was one who coerced Harvey to marry her with their child, and was therefore afraid to
upset him.

Naturally, since she liked Harvey and her current position, she would not disobey him.

Even if Harvey did not like her, he did care about his son, since the baby was his flesh and blood. He
pinched the baby's little cheeks just then!

"I didn't think that I'd be a father so soon,” he said, glancing at Heather just then.

He certainly would not be one if Heather did not keep her pregnancy a secret until the third trimester to
force a shotgun marriage.

"We're going home tomorrow,” Harvey said.

Heather looked up at him. "Are you done here?”

"More or less,” Harvey replied, his eyes fixed on his baby.

His purpose was to make Irene and Isaac suspect, only to prove to themselves that his child was not

That way, they would never suspect a thing.

He was in such a good mood just then that even James's punch did not hurt just then.

Zachary returned to the cruise ship the next day to investigate Rainie Lang, having found out that she
was working today before going.

He even bribed the manager to make her serve him, and Rainie had to do it because she did not want
to lose her job.

Before she went, the manager instructed her to do well, and told her that a bonus awaited if she did.

Naturally, she did her best for the sake of that bonus.

Even though she had been hostile towards Zachary before, she was now as gentle as a dove!

"Mr. Slate, was it? Would you like a refill?”

Even so, her smile did not reach her eyes.

In fact, she looked as stiff as she was hostile, as if she would lunge forward at any moment to bite off
Zachary's jugular!

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