Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 626

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Zachary grinned. "Actually, now that I looked closer, there is a resemblance.

Actually, there was none at all, but the conversation would get awkward if he did not say that.

The woman beamed. "Of course she'd look like me."

Zachary then asked tentatively, "I also think she’s my age... 27 this year?"

The woman paused and started closely at Zachary right then. "Why are you asking so many questions
about my daughter?"

"I thought she's my age, so..."

"Do you like her?"

Zachary wanted to tell her that he wanted to be friends with Rainie, but was cut short.

He hence admitted to it while looking like he was embarrassed from being caught.

Barbara realized with a start then. "Oh, so it's no accident that you're staying here? Are you trying to
woo my daughter?"

Zachary did not deny it.

Barbara studied Zachary from head to toe just then and she was satisfied with his dignified

Her daughter was not exactly young anyway, and she would marry eventually.

As such, he had no reason to stop a suitor, not to mention that this was not the ancient times where
parents dictated their children's matrimony.

Freedom of love was the trend these days, and it was fine as long as the people involved were fine with

Zachary smiled, silently agreeing to Barbara's question, and she said, "My daughter has a bad temper.”

"My temper is fine-that might make up for it," Zachary quickly told her.

"Well, she's an adult now, and I can't decide for her,” Barbara smiled. "It's upto her if she likes you."

Zachary nodded in understanding and smiled, even declaring openly, "She would. I'm a nice guy."

"She's not as simple as you think.” The woman laughed in amusement and cleaned up the table.
"There's plenty of scenic locations around here, so you can take a stroll and take it in."

"Thank you," Zachary said, and headed outside.

He found Rainie sitting at the rock bench outside and walked over to her. "Hey," he said, backing down
just then. "Why don't we get reacquainted?" Rainie turned to look at him with coolness and disdain.
"Are you crazy?" Zachary frowned. "Why would you say that?"

"I've seen you for who you really are. Do you think I'd think highly of you just because we got
reacquainted?” Rainie snorted coolly.

Zachary was speechless-had she made up her mind that he was a villain now?

At least give him a chance!

"There were times when things aren't what you believe it to be,” Zachary said. "Yesterday, I thought you
were the woman I loved."

As he spoke, he studied Rainie’s expression, but she was completely unaffected.

If she was Lulu, she would be more or less affected, would she not?

But Rainie was not affected at all!

"Do all men use that pickup line these days? Isn’t it getting rather quaint?” Rainie rose to her feet and
left. "Keep bothering me, and I'll chase you out.”

Zachary did not move, and simply watched as she left-she actually looked just like Lulu even from

Barbara said that Rainie was her daughter, and Rainie did not seem to recognize her at all, as if he
really had the wrong person.

However, he doubted that any two persons could look so much alike without being blood related.

Still, Zachary could tell that it would be very difficult to get along with Rainie, and she was ignoring all
his goodwill.

It seemed that he must do something else to find out if she was Lulu, though that would be easy since
he was staying here.

Spotting Rainie combing her hair outside her room, he walked over after she was gone to see if any
hair fell off.

Everyone does, and he easily found some.

Holding it in hand, he thought about it before calling one of his men.

When the man arrived, Zachary gave him the hair and sent him to Sunny City.

To ascertain if Rainie was Lulu, they could do a paternity test using samples from Lulu's father.

"I'll get it done.”

"Good. Go."

As Zachary waved him off and the man left, a woman's voice asked from behind, "That looked
suspicious. What were you doing?"

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