Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 666

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Lulu was certainly pale from shock when Irene saw her.

Irene actually felt guilty and blamed herself for being skeptical that Lulu would faint from the fire.

"Are you feeling better?" Irene asked mildly.

"The hospital might not be the best place to rest. You can come and stay a dew days with me, since
Zachary would to stay in the hospital a few days before being discharged—"

"I'm fine.I think I'll pass," Lulu said, cutting her short.

Irene sensed that Lulu was being distant right then..

"Lulu," Irene said, taking Lulu's hand.

"We're best friends, aren't we? You don't have to be a stranger. I mean, we even used to share the
same bed..."

Lulu pursed her lips.

"Did we? I don't remember."

Irene was not about to give up, just as Lulu's aloofness did not deter her.

"We did." Irene smiled.

"You should go.I should check on Zachary," novel ebook Lulu said as she got out of bed and left,
completely leaving Irene.

Irene was disappointed, but did not hold it against Lulu—Lulu's aloofness might be due to her amnesia.

All Irene could do for now was to be understanding toward Lulu.

When Lulu arrived at Mrs.Slate's ward to find Zachary checking on his mother's injuries, she watched
silently, her eyes utterly cool.

When Zachary turned around, however, she quickly pretended to be scared out of her wits, her
coolness turning into fear!

"I-Is your mother alright?" she whispered softly and worriedly.

"She's going to be fine, don't worry," Zachary told her.

"You should get some rest."

Lulu remained there regardless.

"But we can't stay at that house now, can we?"

"Yeah," Zachary replied.

"But I'll quickly arrange for a new place to stay."

"What caused the fire?" she asked tentatively just then.

"I don't know, but the police are investigating. We will soon find out."

"Yeah," Lulu murmured.

Zachary walked over to her and caressed her cheek.

"Do you feel better now?"

She felt disgusted, but she braced herself so that she would not avoid his touch.


"It's all my fault.I didn't take good care of you,"

Zachary said, blaming himself for this incident.

Lulu raised a brow, wondering if he really was pretending to be sentimental.

If he really did love her, would he really have allowed her to be hurt? Would he have tolerated his own
mother who murdered her? She certainly doubted Zachary's good intentions.

Being someone who nearly died, she would not be hurt a second time that easily—she would hurt them

Even as she slid a peek at the burn on Zachary's arm, her lips curled up ever so subtly.

"You should go back to your ward and get some rest."

Zachary put a hand on her shoulder just then.

Lulu turned away quickly, the look on her face turning cold as well.

However, Irene was standing nearby and she clearly saw the change in Lulu's expression.Her heart
skipped a beat.She never saw Lulu being two-faced before—it was as if she was a completely different
person now.thuy She could not help wondering why Lulu had become like that.

Still, she waited until Lulu left before walking up to Zachary.

When he saw her, he asked, "You're still here?"

"I'll be going right now, but I have a couple of things to tell you before I do."


"Keep an eye on Lulu," Irene said.

"Don't worry," Zachary replied, clearly misunderstanding her.

"I'll take good care of her."

Irene was going to explain, but decided against it since she had no proof.

"Tell me if they find the cause of the fire," she added.

"Why are you so concermed?"

Zachary grinned.

"It's probably an accident—no big deal.

You don't have to be so worried."

"Tell me anyway," Irene told him.


Zachary did not press the issue—if she wanted to know, he could just tell her.

Trene started to feel drowsy on the way home.

After going without sleep for an entire night, it was now hitting her.

Even as the car drove steadily, she closed her eyes, feeling muddled just as she heard her phone ring.

Fumbling to get it out, she then answered it.

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