Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 690

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Sensing danger right then, Irene turned toward Seth, who appeared perplexed by her look. "What's
wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Irene pointed at Harvey Gooding. “He's your cousin?”

“Yeah,” Seth replied honestly. "His mother is my mother's youngest sister.”

"He's sick?” Irene asked.

"Yeah-that's what he told me," Seth said. "He's hoping you can take a look.

Irene's lips twitched.

Fine, it was her own negligence!

Or maybe she never could have expected that Seth and Harvey were related.

"Why are you so surprised?"

Harvey rose to his feet just then and he slowly walked towards Irene.

Alarmed, Irene retreated and turned to run, only to find the door blocked by several burly men, each of
whom had fearsome looks on their faces!

Her escape cut off, Irene wheeled on Harvey. "What do you want?"

Harvey smiled. "To get checked, of course-I'm a patient, and you're a doctor, right?”

Irene narrowed her eyes. “I don't think I can do it. Get someone else, and let me go right now. You
know Isaac's temper, and if he knows that you're messing with me again, he'll destroy you.”

Harvey simply stared at her, and Irene felt the creeps from his gaze. "Don't give me that look!"

Harvey snorted and returned to the couch then, crossing his legs as he told Seth, "You can go back to
work now. We don't need you here.”

Seth was puzzled. "You two know each other? Why did you have to go through me, then?"

"Can't you tell from her harsh tone?” Harvey said. "There's a little misunderstanding between us, so
she's been refusing to see me. That's why I needed your help, and I thank you for it.”

With that, Seth turned toward Irene. “Just clear the air, whatever the misunderstanding is. I'll get going

Irene tried to stop him. "No-"

Seth simply cut her short. "Just talk it out, and clear the misunderstanding. What's the harm? Shouldn't
you be friends since you're acquainted anyway?”

Irene shook her head. "We can never be friends. We're enemies-"

"Like I said, a misunderstanding.” Harvey waved him off. "You can go now, Seth.”

With that, Seth turned to leave without another word, not looking back even as Irene screamed his

Harvey chuckled. “You can stop screaming now. It won't work-he'd never believe you."

"What do you want?" Irene glared at him.

"An eye for an eye. Isaac cares about you, right? I'm just repaying him for what he did to me."

Irene slowly calmed down. “And what's going to happen to me?"

"Just enough to make him suffer.” Harvey's lips curled up savagely. "Do you know what he did to me?"

"You deserved it, whatever it was,” Irene coolly shot back. "You messed with us first, and I hate you, let
alone him! I just didn't have the power to punish you, or I would have done worse than he did!"

Harvey's veins were bulging over his face from resentment, and his face twitched as he sneered, "You
really deserve each other... It's the exact same words. Fine. I guess I have no reason to hold back

With that, he beckoned, "Get in here.”

Soon, a man in a lab coat who appeared to be a doctor entered.

Irene distanced herself by instinct while glaring at him warily. Even if she did not know what Harvey
was up to, she was sure that he was rotten to the core!

"Are you going to lie down yourself, or should I have my man pin you down? ’ Harvey said flatly and
icily-he had always been kind to her before, but they were burning bridges now!

Since Isaac had pushed him over the edge, he had nothing to lose!

If he had to suffer, he would make them suffer with him!

Before Irene could respond, he added, “I know that you're a doctor, and that you're smart and
resourceful. Hell, I suffered at your hands before-but you're not getting away this time.”

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