Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 715

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"Let's meet up, Irene!"

Isaac looked up, as if to ask who it was.

Irene shook her head— she did not recognize the number or the voice.

Isaac pressed the button for the speaker and asked, "Who are you?"

Beep, beep...

The caller hung up right then, seemingly because they could not hear Trene's voice.

Irene frowned.

"Who could it be?"

Isaac shook his head.

"I have no idea."

In truth, he had a hunch that it was Harvey, who was on the run, calling with a voice-changing

Noting the number, he sent it to James and had him look into it.

"It's just the emergency room available at this hour, right?" he then asked.

"Yeah," Irene replied, nodding —she was actually fine, and a little hot soup would be enough for her to
feel better.

Still, she got checked anyway.

Afterwards, her doctor told her that he could prescribe her painkillers if she could not stand the pain.

Knowing the serious side effects, and that it cured the symptom but not the cause, she refused, and left
the clinic.It was always up to oneself to take care of their own stomach, after all.

"What did the doctor say?" Isaac asked.

"Just some food would do me good," she replied.

Isaac wondered if there would be any restaurants open this late, but Irene said, "I can just make some

"I'll call Mrs.Watson and have her cook you something.You would be able to eat once you reach home,"
he said, and called home.

While he was calling Mrs.Watson, Irene stopped in her tracks.

Turning around, he asked, "What's wrong?"

Irene gestured for him to look ahead, and he did, to see Moneypenny standing there, holding a large
bag of medication.

Moneypenny paused for a moment when he saw them as well, perhaps not expecting to see them at
this hour.He greeted them first.

"Master Ian, Madam Irene."

Isaac ignored him, and did not ask what medication he was carrying.

It was obvious that Henry Jefferson was sick, and Moneypenny showed up there because of him.

And Isaac did not want to ask!

"Let's go," he said, taking Irene's hand, walking so quickly just then it was obvious they were avoiding

That was when Moneypenny called out from behind.

"Master Isaac, Master Jefferson's condition is really serious.Are you really not going to visit at all?"

Even so, Isaac did not stop at all, but Irene glanced sideways to see the twitch in his cheek.He must
feel conflicted! Even if he refused to admit it, there was no changing the fact that Henry was his family,
and the Jeffersons' blood flowed in his veins.

Still, Irene simply watched him silently —silence must be preferable for him right now.

Mrs.Watson's soup was not actually ready when they returned home, and Irene checked on the
children while she waited.

Both were sleeping soundly.

It was 3 AM by the time she finished her soup and went upstairs.

Isaac was standing out at the balcony, his thoughts unfathomable.

She walked up to his side.

The moon was bright that night, with stars filling the skies.

Isaac turned around.

"Time to sleep."

Irene nodded.

"Yeah.It's late."

She was still sleeping on the couch, not sharing the bed with Isaac.

Knowing her intention, Isaac did not force her, and simply said, "I'll take the couch next time."

"It's too small for you, but just right for me," Irene replied.

"You'd just make yourself uncomfortable."

They soon lay down on their sides, staring into each other's eyes from a distance.

Irene did not sleep well, and appeared tired in the morning before work.

As she tried her best to muster her spirit, a voice called out to her from behind before she could enter
through the front entrance of Hotmesh Research.

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