Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 766

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Chapter 766

Irene was seething.

Seth had to keep mentioning that repeatedly and he was asking for something so unreasonable!
Forgive? Not in her life! "Eagle, I want him out of my sight.I don't want to hear him speak.With that,
Irene turned around, not wanting to spend another second there...

Until a sharp shriek gave her pause! Irene turned to see Seth on the floor, clearly in a lot of pain, but
also unable to make a sound! She raised a brow at Eagle, who explained, "He can't speak now,
ma'am.I'll now take him out of your sight."

With that, he carried Seth out of the building effortlessly as if he was a chick.

When he returned, Irene commended him before returning to her office.She must give it to him—
professionals were just built differently, and were utterly efficient! "Director Spencer."

Yolanda quickly went up to greet her fawningly when she saw her arrive.

Irene ignored her and called out to Finn.

"Call the head of robotics to the meeting room.I need to speak with him."

After all, the artificial heart was not flesh but a machine that could take the place of a heart, and the
design requires meticulous production.

Still, Finn told her, "Actually, Director Turner is here..."


"He's speaking with everyone.Come on, let's go."

Irene followed, and soon heard Dennis's laughter.

While Irene had basically taken over, Dennis had yet to formalize his retirement—they were still in the
middle of a handover phase.

Seeing Irene's arrival, Dennis smiled.

"So, the challenge.Are we still doing it?"

Everyone was silent, and Yolanda said as she joined them, "It's fine.Everyone respects her now."

Dennis waved her off.

"An agreement is an agreement.Let's do it while I still have a say here."

He picked two from the crowd right then.

"Raven, you were a heart surgeon before you joined us, and everyone acknowledges your ability in
stitching.You will be Irene's challenger in that front."

Then, pointed at Yolanda, he added, "You're the best when it comes to valve surgeries.We will be
testing your precision and speed against Irene's."

The two ladies were the toughest nut to crack in Hotmesh Research, which was why Dennis picked

Once they submitted, Irene would not have trouble taking leadership.

Yolanda tried to excuse herself regardless.

"I'm not that good..."

"Quit being humble."

The challenge eventually began under the director's supervision, and it seemed that he came expressly
for this since he had prepared several pig hearts beforehand.

The first round was the stitching challenge between Irene and Raven Yew, the final step and a vital part
of surgery.

Irene worked without hesitation, aiming her needle with pinpoint precision and was as calm as a

After all, a person's life was in the balance during surgery, and it meant opening a person's heart.

A heart surgeon certainly must show great mental resilience! Finn himself had seen how smooth and
crisp she worked as she tended to her chauffeur's injury, and he was convinced she would win even
though Raven was herself one of the best in the country.

Once they were done, everyone gave their critique.

Irene's was done quickly and the stitching was meticulous, showing no jaggedness at all.

Raven somehow fumbled and missed two stitches, so the winner was obvious.

Irene likewise won the challenge against Yolanda with her sublime technique.

In truth, everyone had already been impressed by Irene early on.

After all, she was still young but she was accomplished—a prodigious talent.

"Haha! Like I said, my j-judgment was right—"

Dennis suddenly started wheezing and clutching his chest!

"Director Turner!"

Everyone was left bewildered!

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