Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 778

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The front desk receptionist put down the phone and told Irene, "I'm sorry, but Mr.Jefferson refused to
see you.Please leave."

"What?" Irene exclaimed in disbelief.

Isaac refused to see her? Did he do something here that she was not supposed to find out? Whipping
out her phone from her bag, she called him directly, but no one answered.

As she frowned, the elevator nearby jingled before the doors opened and a ringtone could be
heard.She looked up to find his towering figure striding toward her.

His shirt collar was a little loose, while his straight cut trousers hugged his long legs.He was hardly his
usual impeccable appearance in suit and tie.

Irene stared at him then, realizing then that this was how he usually looked while he was at the office,
and it somehow made him appear mundane.

The receptionist saw the ringing phone Irene was holding, and then at Irene.She wondered then if she
was Isaac's bride for that wedding, which had to be called off for some reason.

As Isaac strode with a steady pace to Irene, Irene hung up, and the ringtone on his phone stopped right

"Weren't you refusing to see me?" she asked.

"It's a spot-check, isn't it?" Isaac chuckled.

"That means I have to receive you personally." The receptionist was left speechless.

Was that man really their boss, Isaac Jefferson? When did he fawn over women so much? He was
always cold to everyone in the office and rarely smiled.

His exchange with Irene certainly broadened her horizon! Irene was actually embarrassed by Isaac's
joke since there were people around.

As she shot him a glare in silence, he simply put an arm on her shoulder and said, "Come on.Let's go

He then paused and turned to the receptionist, "This is my wife.Just let her upstairs the next time she
comes here."

"Yes, Mr.Jefferson," she replied, though her eyes were on Irene.

She was certainly in awe that a woman like her tamed Isaac, though her good looks were undeniable.

Irene finally spoke once they got inside the elevator.

"Why did you say that when the receptionist was right there? You're terrible." Isaac raised a brow.

"Really? I don't think there's anything bad about that.Or maybe you don't want people to know who you

Before Irene could answer, he leaned in and whispered flirtatiously into her ear, "What do you want me
to say? That you're my lover, destined to be kept hidden from everyone?"

Irene tried to shove at him with her elbow, but he reacted quickly and dodged it.

Still, Irene was glaring as she complained, "Aren't you worried that everyone in the office sees you
behaving like this?"

Isaac simply flashed a charming smile.

"Let them watch all they want.I'm always a serious gentleman, and they'd believe that you're the one
enticing me if they saw me behaving like a shameless dirtbag."

"You're impossible!"

Irene snapped and tried to punch at him, but he quickly restrained her by the wrist and firmly pulled,
allowing her to fall into his arms while he held her slender waist with his other arm.As Irene's body was
held tightly against his, she could not get away even as she struggled.

"Let me go, Isaac Jefferson!" She growled his full name.

Isaac lowered his gaze, his thick brows hiding his slight smile.

"Kiss me, and I will."

"You're shameless," Irene snapped, but reared her head anyway.

"There's cameras. Not caring about your image now?"

"I'll just have it deleted," he replied.

"Close your eyes," Irene said, wanting to get it over with.

Isaac was naturally cooperative.

Still, the elevator stopped as Irene leaned forward, and the doors opened to several figures standing
outside. They had documents in their hands, and it was obvious that they were employees.

Irene felt as if her head fried up right then, and her face turned red- hot!

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