Novel Name : The Runaway Groom

Chapter 781

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Isaac pursed his lips.

"What? Why would you ask that?"

Irene released him then and straightened herself, looking serious as she voiced her hunch.

"Nothing good ever comes out of your lips."

Isaac smiled despite his irritation—what did she really take him for? Had he really never said anything

"That's slander." Irene snorted.

"Fine, then tell me: what makes me a good wife?" Isaac replied solemnly.

"You're a domestic goddess."

"Why does that sound ironic in my ears?" Irene leered at him, but she did not press the issue.

"Whatever. I'll believe you for now."

They returned home later, and Mrs.Watson was taking care of housework while Sheryl was caring for
the children.

Irene thought then that although she was a wife, she really had not done much for her family, and so
decided to cook.novelebook She should at least do that once in a while! Still, when they sat down for
dinner and Tommy had a bite from Irene's boiled egg, he pouted.

"Mrs.Watson's looks better." Irene had a taste and noticed that she really did overcook it.

As such, she pushed it to Isaac.

"Here, you can have it."

He looked up and stared at her then.

Was that affection, or was he just treated like a dumpster? The latter seemed more likely, to be

Irene stuffed her schedule to the brim on the days before she went on her leave, finishing most of the
tasks on hand so that they did not pile up.

The event was on Friday, so they had to leave on Thursday.

On the plane, Irene leaned against him and said, "Let's make a stop at Minerva when we return.I'd like
to check on Erin Gooding."

"Sure," Isaac replied softly.

Stan Hill was there to receive them when they arrived at Zidonia.

Although he had been stuck in distant Franconia, James Cross constantly updated him on what
happened in Zidonia.

"Mr.Jefferson.Mrs.Jefferson—the car's waiting outside," he said.

Isaac nodded.

"We won't be staying for long.Have you done as instructed?"

"Don't worry," Stan replied.

"It's done."


They arrived outside the airport and Stan opened the door for them, while Isaac shielded Irene as she
went in first.She was sleepy, but now spirited.She wound down the window, letting in the air outside to
clear her head.

"Are we staying at a hotel?" she asked.

Isaac never stayed at hotels whenever he made business trips here. However, he did not tell her
immediately since he did not know what Irene was thinking.

"I bought a house here. Want to check it out?"

"Sure," Irene replied right away.

Isaac told her simply.

"It's bigger than the hilltop mansion in Zidonia. I gave a general idea, and a design company did the

Irene did appreciate Isaac's tastes, and thought then that it would not be that bad—she actually
became expectant too.

It was a forty- minute trip, and the scenery along the way was beautiful.

Everything from the people to the architecture were a completely different world.

When they arrived Irene alighted, and the first thing she saw was the garden that spanned over 20,000
square There was even a mini golf course, and it would take a while to cover the

entire area.

"We can park at the side entrance too," Isaac said, which would allow easier entry.

They stopped at the main entrance so that Irene could see the entire building, seeing the entire castle
and its courtyard. Irene looked around as she walked along it.

"It seems at once modern yet classical."

"I got it at an auction, and pretty much refurbished the entire building for the modern designs.It used to
span more than 50,000 square feet, but the surrounding areas had been sold off, leaving just this."

Isaac was quite satisfied with the place.

They strode ahead, reaching a circular fountain with four tiers, the water streaming downwards and
kicking up huge splashes down to the bottom tier.

The castle itself was of a Farbanti renaissance style, and was composed of large bricks of a calm
milky-white hue.

Even the lower, wide steps to the front entrance were designed elaborately.

As Irene stood over it, she could feel Isaac's meticulous nature, thuy and that the design must have
been for the sake of their children since they might fall over if the steps were too high.

"Go in and take a look," Isaac said as he put an arm around her shoulder.

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