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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 I’ll Remember You

What was Alec doing here? Their conversation came to a screeching halt. Alec scrutinized Jenny and
Stephanie with a harsh gaze, determined to find out what they were talking about. Just then, the
elevator arrived, breaking the silence with its chime.Jenny, who was rather quick-witted, hurriedly
pulled Stephanie into the elevator. She wanted to escape from him, but Alec strode into the elevator
after them.“So, tell me, how has she been generous to me? What should she have asked from me?” he
asked, his gaze fixed on Stephanie. Despite his light tone, his voice commanded fear.Guilty, Stephanie
gulped. However, thinking about it, she decided that she had said nothing wrong as Alec had treated
Jenny wrongly in their marriage.Just as she was about to speak, Jenny stepped forward and said,
“Well, Mr. Faust, after Stephanie found out that I had performed surgery on Miss Lawrence, she felt
that I should have asked you for more compensation, which is why she said what she said.”“Are you
saying I gave you too little?” he asked, turning to look at her. His voice carried a threatening tone.“Of
course, you gave me a lot.” Jenny shook her head, forced a smile, and added, “It’s my fault for not
making it clear to her, which is why she doesn’t know exactly how much you gave me.”“Is that so?”
Alec stared at Stephanie, finding it hard to believe.Stephanie caught Jenny’s signal. Although she didn’t
understand what was happening, she nodded in agreement, “Yes.”“You want to beat me up just
because of that?” Alec frowned deeply.Feeling guilty, Stephanie averted her eyes.“She was just fooling
around, so don’t take it to heart,” Jenny explained, silently cursing her bad luck for causing Alec to
bump into her when they were gossiping about him.Ignoring her, he stared at Stephanie for a long time
before asking, “Are you Charles Walker’s daughter?”Stephanie nodded, surprised that Alec recognized
her.“Very well, I’ll remember you,” he said. Right then, the elevator arrived on the first floor, and he
exited the elevator.Stephanie felt her knees turn to jelly. If Jenny hadn’t caught her in time, she might
have fallen to the ground.“I’m done for. He wouldn’t seek revenge on my dad’s company just because
of this, right?”Looking at Alec’s retreating figure, Jenny shook her head.“I don’t think so. He isn’t that
childish.”Sharing the same thought, Stephanie regained her spirits and then asked, “What happened
between the both of you? Does he not know who you are?”During their short interaction in the elevator,

Alec seemed unable to decipher what was going on from their conversation. Therefore, that was the
most plausible explanation to Stephanie.“Yeah, he doesn’t. I haven’t met him since we married, ” Jenny
replied. “The day after our divorce, he came looking for me, asking me to operate on his lover. Let me
tell you, I was completely dumbfounded when that happened.”“His lover?” Stephanie was immediately
invested in the story. “Tell me all the details.”Immediately, Jenny told her everything about Faye’s
operation, sighing, “I really hope I won’t meet him again.” “I don’t think that’ll happen,” Stephanie said
with a little too much glee. “Think about it. Why would he appear here of all places?”Jenny fell silent.
How did she end up in the same community, in the same apartment, and on the same floor as him?
Parrington was a vast city, after all.Could her luck be any worse?Stephanie patted her shoulder,
smirking, “It must be fate! Maybe it’s a sign that you two will get married again or something. I’m really
curious how he would react when he finds out you’re his ex-wife. Oh dear, I’m so tempted to tell him the
truth.”“Don’t you dare!” Jenny rolled her eyes at her in exasperation.…The next day, Jenny went to
work as usual. She was scheduled to conduct an operation as soon as the day started, so she was
swamped all day. By the time she had completed all the scheduled surgeries, she discovered a dozen
missed calls from Stephanie. Feeling somewhat uneasy, she hurriedly gave Stephanie a call.“Oh my
god, just how busy are you?” implored Stephanie as soon as the call connected.“What happened?”
Jenny asked.“That bastard Alec!” Stephanie yelled, taking a deep breath before continuing. “He called
off his business deal with my father’s company.”That caught Jenny by surprise.“No way…”“I was just
on the phone with my dad, and he’s worried that he has offended Alec. Little does he know, I’m the one
who offended him!”Stephanie didn’t dare to tell her father the truth for fear of being beaten to
death.Realizing the seriousness of the matter, Jenny said, “Don’t worry, I’ll head over to your place, and
we’ll figure out a solution.”“Don’t come over. Let’s meet at the entrance of the Faust Group,” she
said.“The Faust Group?”“Duh! I need to apologize to him,” she replied, nearly wailing. “The Faust
Group is my father’s largest customer. If we lose them, my dad’s company might go bankrupt.”“Okay,
I’ll be there right away.”While Jenny didn’t want to meet Alec, she knew this had started because of her,
so she had to do something.As soon as the call ended, Jenny changed, hailed a taxi, and rushed to the
Faust Group to meet Stephanie at the door.The two entered the building together but were quickly

stopped by the receptionist.“Do you have an appointment?” asked the receptionist.“No,” Stephanie
shook her head, “but I have urgent business with Mr. Faust. Please help me out.”“Sorry, we can’t let
you upstairs without an appointment,” replied the receptionist with a cold smile.Refusing to give up,
they decided to wait for him on the first floor, certain that Alec would eventually come down.In the
president’s office, Vincent answered a call and then looked at Alec, who was busy. After hesitating, he
said, “The daughter of the Walker family and Dr. Walter are downstairs, Mr. Faust. They are here to
—”Alec grunted in acknowledgment but continued to page through his documents without looking
up.Vincent couldn’t figure out what Alec meant by that, but he didn’t dare to ask or say more. Instead,
he asked, “Mr. Faust, do you really want to suspend our deal with the Walker family?”

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