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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 Who’s That Woman?

The following night.

The charity dinner was held at the Majestic Hotel. It was organized by the top magazine in Parrington,
BQ Magazine. When Alec arrived, the hotel entrance was surrounded by all sorts of paparazzi and
reporters as he got off the car.

“BQ Magazine is so privileged to get Alec Faust to come!” someone exclaimed. After all, everyone
knew that Alec had not always been a fan of this kind of event.

“I know, right? Too bad we can’t go in and check it out. The charity dinner tonight must be interesting.”
another person said pitifully.

“Who’s that woman beside him? Could she be Alec’s girlfriend?” Some people noticed that Alec didn’t
attend alone. He brought along a plus-one, and many were surprised about this.

Upon hearing the news, everybody else only noticed Faye standing next to Alec. It wasn’t that they
purposely ignored her. It was just that Faye was too ordinary-looking, so she didn’t manage to capture
their attention at first. Unfortunately, Faye didn’t know the truth. Standing beside Alec, she enjoyed
receiving all their envious looks. She was utterly satisfied.

“You shouldn’t have come tonight,” Alec said while walking toward the dining hall. “You haven’t fully
recovered. You should be resting more at home.”

“I’m fine, Alec. It’s too boring resting at home every day. Accompanying you here for this dinner will
help me relax.” She flashed a smile at Alec, but it didn’t feel sincere.

If she hadn’t attended this event, there would surely be tons of women in Parrington who would find a
way to seduce Alec. She had to come and keep an eye on him to eliminate all competition.

The two of them had just arrived at the entrance when Mr. Nelson, the editor-in-chief for BQ Magazine,
rushed over after hearing the news. “Mr. Alec, I didn’t expect you to come. Thank you for gracing us
with your presence.”

He never expected him to appear when he first sent Alec the invitation. Who knew The scale of this
event had now been increased ten times more. As the main organizer, Mr. Nelson was, of course, very

“Mr. Nelson, you must be joking. BQ Magazine and the Faust Group have always worked well together.
Of course I had to show up,” Alec nodded and smiled. Even though he was polite, his body language
revealed a sense of distance.

“Hello, Mr. Nelson.” Faye noticed that he had ignored her presence and felt kind of neglected, so she
initiated the conversation.

Mr. Nelson was slightly taken aback. He had only noticed her now. There was no other reason. It was
purely because standing next to Alec caused her to be overshadowed.

“This is…”

“My little sister,” Alec answered. Ever since he had promised Anthony to take care of Faye, he had
treated her like a younger sister, which was how he introduced her to others. But a bitter look flashed
across Faye’s eyes. She didn’t want to be Alec’s little sister!

Mr. Nelson nodded, a little confused. Then, he said, “Mr. Alec, please come in. The dinner is about to

He wanted to lead Alec to the first row. The seats there were the best. They would also provide the
best view of the stage for the auction later. At this very moment, there was another commotion at the


“It’s Gilbert Hawthorn!”

“Gilbert Hawthorn? The upstart?” someone asked.

“That’s him!” The other person nodded before saying, “He built his company up from nothing in a few
years and became the youngest self-made billionaire on Forbes. Who else would it be?”

There were people younger than Gilbert on that list, but each of them got on the list because of their
family. Even Alec, who was top on the list, was no exception.

“That lady next to him looks very familiar. Is she that new star?” someone noticed the woman standing
beside Gilbert and couldn’t help but ask.

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