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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 She’s Been Married Before

“Get to the point.” Alec rubbed his temples, leaning against his couch. He waited for Paul to speak.

Paul muttered for a bit before saying, “Her name is Jenny. She grew up in Orchid Village, but don’t
underestimate her because of that. She’s a beast in academics. She’s been skipping grade levels,
graduating with a Ph.D. at just twenty-two years old. Then she went abroad for two years before finally


Why was this name so familiar?

However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t remember where he had heard it.

“What else?” Alec got up and walked over to the windows, looking at the view of the city at night. No
one could guess what was going through his mind.

“What else?” Paul’s voice grew higher. He said playfully, “She didn’t work after returning to the country
and disappeared from sight. Guess what she’d been up to.”

Of course, Alec couldn’t guess, but he thought of why he couldn’t find Jenny before. He’d thought that
she had disappeared.

“What did she do?”

“She got married,” Paul said.

Instantly, Alec frowned. “Married?”

“That’s right. The records from City Hall say that she is married,” he replied.

Receiving no answer from Alec, Paul said disinterestedly, “Are you not going to react to finding out that
she’s married?”

“How else should I react?” Alec asked, his irises dark and unfathomable.

“Aren’t you disappointed?” Paul asked.

Alec did not respond. He didn’t know how else to react. Should he be disappointed?

He seemed to be a little bit, but he was even more surprised. What kind of man would a woman like
that marry?

“Boring.” Paul rolled his eyes. “You don’t have to be too dejected. I’ve found out that she’s divorced.”

“Divorced?” Now Alec had a greater reaction. He was truly shocked.

“Well, at least your tone has changed. I thought you really didn’t care.” Paul was amused now. He
thought he had wasted his time.

Alec was in no mood to fool around with him. “Why did she get divorced? Tell me.”

“How would I know why? The records only show that she’s divorced.” Paul was speechless. It was no

easy feat finding this out. It had taken him a long time to understand Jenny.

Alec felt conflicting emotions. He had no idea that the investigation would end like this.”

A divorce…

It was hard to tell that she had gone through a marriage and a divorce. He was curious to know who
that man was who married her and then abandoned her.

“Who is the man she married?” he asked.

Paul went quiet for a bit. His tone grew serious. “This is what I wasn’t expecting. I couldn’t find anything

about him at all.”

“What do you mean?”

“I found out that she married and then divorced, but I couldn’t find out who she had married,” Paul said.

The air around Alec instantly grew somber. They knew what it meant.

If even Paul couldn’t find out anything about him, it meant that the man was no small fry, and he was
far more powerful than Paul.

“Looks like he’s a tough nut to crack,” Alec said after a moment’s pause.

After all, a person who could marry someone like Jenny would not be just some Tom, Dick, and Harry.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. With just one more day, I’ll find out who he is!” His curiosity was bursting
through. the seams. He had to keep investigating.

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