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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 Chaos at the Lawrences’

Alec heaved a deep sigh. Perhaps he was a jerk to his ex-wife, too.

At the thought of this, he finally began feeling a hint of guilt toward his unknown wife. Perhaps not even
that house in Charmford could make up for the damage he had caused her.

He messaged Vincent, telling him to locate his ex-wife and gift her a million dollars besides the house
in Charmford.

Jenny knew nothing of what Alec was doing. After he left, she threw on her clothes and rushed to the

As for Alec… He would probably leave her alone after that unpleasant conversation.

This was good. It would be peaceful.

In Lawrence Solutions, Mr. Lawrence sat in his office happily, looking at his company’s rising stocks. He
had a terrific mood. Lawrence Solutions developed at breakneck speed since sucking up to Alec Faust.
It grew from an insignificant little company to one of Parrington’s most established businesses. Mr.
Lawrence was overjoyed.

It was a pity that his daughter couldn’t latch on to Alec yet. If she could marry him, Mr. Lawrence would
become a part of that wealthy family tree.

He felt a little upset when he thought of that.

Just as he was about to call Faye to tell her to put in some effort, someone rushed in. His face
darkened instantly. He roared, “Where are your manners? Who told you you could come in without

His secretary was about to sob. She apologized immediately before saying, “Mr. Lawrence, something
has happened.”

His expression shifted once more. “What’s wrong?”

“You should check it online.” The secretary handed her tablet to him.

On the site, Lawrence Solutions was pinned on the front page. Mr. Lawrence saw it at once.

*Lawrence Solutions involved with tax evasions and money laundering.”

Following after were a few pictures that clearly showed the financial problems of Lawrence Solutions,
along with the involvement of multiple government bodies, including the State Administration of
Taxation and the State Securities Industry.

Mr. Lawrence’s face turned pale. He slammed his fist on the table and roared, “Nonsense! These are
all false allegations!”

“Mr. Lawrence, the evidence-

“Is all fake!” he interrupted. However, he was ill at ease.

After all, no one knew the truth better than he did.

The secretary glanced at him and said nothing more, merely asking, “These searches…”

“Get someone to delete them all at once. And get the PR department to sue the false accusers,” he

Before she could nod, her phone rang. She answered it, her face turning pale. “Mr. Mr. Lawrence.”

“What now?” he roared

“The State Administration of Taxation and the State Securities have called,” she said.

At once, his knees buckled.

How could this happen so fast?

On the other side of town, Jenny watched the discussion happening online and read the replies to her
email from the government bodies. She shut her laptop, satisfied.

Even if Lawrence Solutions didn’t sink, its reputation would take a huge hit.

It was their fault for scheming against her. Didn’t they think she would know someone was pulling a few
strings behind yesterday’s trending search?

Although she didn’t know if it was Faye’s or her family’s intention, she would spare no mercy on either


The trending searches of Jenny had all been taken down. The drama from yesterday subsided once
the truth was out. No one brought her up anymore.

She was delighted with how this all played out.

The only worry she had was of that teenage boy. She didn’t know if he could handle the harsh truth.

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