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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 Foolish Idiot

Jenny had just received a call today saying that the police had interrogated Karen White and learned of
all her plans.

Karen indeed hated her stepson and wished for him to die multiple times, but she never succeeded.

Hence, she planned a car accident yesterday, but fortune was on the boy’s side, and he came out with
only minor injuries.

Karen was upset by this and couldn’t let it go. She sent him to the hospital, wanting him to die on the
operating table. This way, the child would die, and she would be compensated in cash.

As for why she wanted Dr. Walter to perform the surgery…

Karen was just the tiniest bit smart. She knew the child’s condition was not serious, and Dr. Walter
would definitely refuse to do surgery. Thus, once Dr. Walter refused, she would switch hospitals. If
anything bad happened, she would be able to sue Dr. Walter as well.

Karen would obviously do anything for money.

Unfortunately for her, there was no escaping the long arm of the law. Did she really think that her
scheme would work? What a fool.

As she thought of this, she reached the boy’s room.

“She’s your mother! Why would she hurt you? Don’t look at the online slanders!”

A man’s voice sounded in the room. He was obviously anxious and angry.

“She’s not my mother!” Joey Little’s voice sounded. He had just woken up and was weak, his voice
hoarse. He had a lot of life in him. He was saved just in the nick of time. Paired with Jenny’s expertise,
he only had to spend one night in the ICU for one night before waking up.

“You little brat! Do you want Karen locked up in jail?” The man was furious.

“She wouldn’t go to jail if she’s innocent. But if she’s guilty, it’s her own fault!” Joey had put up with it for
so many years. He couldn’t take it anymore this time, with his life at stake. Otherwise, he might not be
so lucky the next time.

“You little brat!”

The man raised his fist, about to hit Joey. Joey shut his eyes, waiting for the burst of pain. However, the
pain did not come. He opened his eyes and saw Jenny tightly clenching the man’s wrist and glaring at
him coldly.

In this instant, Jenny was a hero in the boy’s eyes. Even after years had passed, he would never forget

“Your son has just woken up. Do you want to make him pass out again?” Disdain flashed through
Jenny’s eyes as she shoved his hand away.

If there was smoke, there was fire. His own son was almost killed, yet he didn’t care. On top of that, he
wanted him to forgive his murderer.

What a bastard!

“You….” Mr. Little was about to ask who she was when he saw the nametag on her chest and instantly
recognized her. “I’m disciplining my son. What does that have to do with you?”

He was rude to Jenny. After seeing the news yesterday, he felt that it was all her fault,

Jenny rolled her eyes at him. She couldn’t be bothered to argue with him anymore. “If you’re not going

leave, I’m going to have to call security.”

She took out her phone while saying this.

Mr. Little was a little intimidated. He glared at Jenny and then said to Joey, “So, you’re spreading your

wings, huh? Standing on your own two feet? Fine! I’ll see how long you can last.”

He turned to leave, but not before glaring at Jenny.

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