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To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 Choosing Romance over Friendship

Alec laid back on his seat in the car. He narrowed his eyes. A cold chill emanated from him. He was
obviously upset.

Paul glanced at him, thinking aloud, “Dr. Walter seems pretty capable.”

She had not only attracted Alec’s gaze but also lured in the smiley Max Pearson. She probably had a
few tricks up her sleeve.

Alec scoffed. He widened his eyes. His black irises showed no depth. “That’s stupidity. I told her that
Max. doesn’t have good intentions, but she still insists on keeping in touch with him.”

“How do you know that it’s stupidity? What if he’s her type?” Paul asked. It made Alec even more

She told him just today that she didn’t like people named Faust. After that, she grew closer to Max. Did
she like people named after pears, then?

“Who knows, something might even happen between them tonight. You know of Max’s nature. He’s
more than happy to replace you,” Paul said, then he shivered. He looked at the person next to him.
Alec was no different than an ice sculpture.

Did he really care that much? Paul was surprised.

“My people have already discovered some intel. They might find out who Dr. Walter’s husband is
tonight.” He was very interested in this. Just what kind of man would be able to convince a woman like
her to marry him?

However, Alec didn’t seem to hear him. All he could think of was what Paul said, how something might
happen between Max and Jenny tonight.

“Stop the car!” he said suddenly.

The car stopped at once. Just as Paul was about to ask why, he heard Alec saying, “Get yourself a

Paul was bewildered. “For real?” He couldn’t believe that Alec was going to ditch him by the road.

“There’s an emergency,” Alec said.

Paul rolled his eyes. “Haha. You’re going to see Little Miss Jenny, aren’t you?”

Was that an emergency?

Wasn’t he just afraid of what might happen between the two of them?

Alec glared at him, his eyes icy. His demeanor was threatening.

Paul raised his hands in surrender. “I’m going. I’m going. Is that alright now?”

He opened the door and got out of the car. “You’re much better than Pearson. Don’t lose to him,

“Start the car!” Alec said, ignoring him.

Paul stared at the car and shook his head, sighing. “He picks hoes before bros.”

He hailed a cab and was about to get in when someone else got in first. “Please drive, sir. It’s an

Paul was stunned. Another emergency?

Alec was like a brother to him. Did this woman know him? Is that why she was stealing Paul’s cab?

Stephanie looked at Paul, who was standing outside the car. She looked apologetic. “I’m sorry, sir. It

is an emergency. Can you hail another cab? I’ll give you the money for it.”

Stephanie took a hundred-dollar bill from her purse and handed it over. “Here. Keep the change.”

Then, she closed the door and urged the driver to drive.

Quickly, the cab drove on the road. Paul stared at the money in his hands, deep in thought.

Did he look broke?

What an interesting night this was.

He didn’t hail another cab. Instead he called his assistant and had him arrange for a driver to pick him
up. Then, he said, “Investigate someone for me.”

Anyone stealing his cab surely had a death wish.

Stephanie had no idea that by getting into someone else’s cab, she had invoked the wrath of a man
who would never let it go.

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